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My name is ***** *** ****. I would like to inquire about a

Customer Question

hello my name is ***** *** **** . I would like to inquire about a problem i have with my employer .I did work in a hair salon in Calgary in the Chinook mall for 2 years .On December 15 all employees got a letter from the owner saying that business decision the salon would close the doors on January first 2016..i try to inquire why this decision came just like that i decide to write a letter to the owner.. she Lisa told me that if i wanted the salon i have to give her $25.000 to she can tell me and get the landlord to extend the lease to me ..but refuse to show me any documents from the business i went to contact the leasing office . The Manager there ask me to call her on Monday december 27 , i did but she never took my call ,then the owner call me and said that i went behind her back to get information.. i went to work on on Wednesday and Lisa was there ..i have never meet her personally just until that day . She star jelling at me and told me that nobody likes me in there, that i was missing work on the weekend ,even though my days off were mondays and sundays ...then she Lisa fired me .. even though on the Tuesday december 29 we were told that the business it would not be close... it would be open to continue business as usually ..that i was the only one to be dismissed for not a specific reason and she said that because i got the letter from Dece.15 that it was my 2 weeks notice of discharge . I know She fired me because i did not give her the money she was asking me for the business ..with out question for my security.. anyways is there any action i can take here towards her .. i have no a Job right now... i am looking for one ... and just apply to the Unemployment insurance in top of that we should have got paid on the 7 of January.. today is monday 11 still had not got my paycheck .I call the manager asking what is going on .He said because she traveled from Vancouver to here and back the paid check are delayed i have no money for groceries o paid my bills until i get this money .I would like to know what i can do about this matter thank you so much ...
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Canada Law
Expert:  Debra replied 1 year ago.

How long exactly did you work for this employer for? Was it under two years are over two years?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
it was very short under 2 years exactly 1year and 10 months ..
Expert:  Debra replied 1 year ago.

As she gave you two week's notice there are no grounds for suing her for wrongful dismissal.

But she should have provided you with your final paycheque and so you can file a complaint with the Employment Standards Branch and they will assist you in getting that paycheque.

Here is a link to their contact information:

Expert:  Debra replied 1 year ago.

Why did you close this post? Do you feel it is fair to cause me to work for free simply because I was honest and so could not give you the answer you were hoping for but provided the correct one?

Please be fair and rate me so I can get credit for my work or at least show me the respect of explaining why you closed the question.

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