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I have been working company now on and off years. This last

Customer Question

I have been working for a company now on and off for 4 years . This last time I came back to work a lot of things have been happening . Comments from the owner of the company has made me feel very intimidated . Along with getting my ring finger on my left hand jammed in a wood spitter , luckily it only ripped off my finger nail . The owner did not take me to the hospital or request anyone . Later my boy friend had to take me to the hospital I got a freezing agent . Took time off work . That was in August 2015. I have pictures . I can get the exact date . And now January 2016 . I have found out back on December 14 I am 3 weeks preganat . I told the manager I was and I don't want the owner to know right away sense I can have the choice to not tell anyone till I'm 3 months . Then a few weeks went by and just last week I put on Facebook that I'm 6 weeks pregnant . The owner is currently over in Switzerland. Someone on my Facebook whom lives in Switzerland saw what I wrote , and asked the owner if she was reading it right (this person does know the owner) . Well she got up set with the manager as well with the supervisor. The supervisor got mad at me through text messages. Which I still have . Then I talked to the owner on text messages and got that figured out . Then I had to book an appointment for ultrasound on January the 5 , the manager told me she was taking me off the schedule until I got a doctors note . Because I was spotting on the 24 th of December. Also went to the hospital they told me it was normal for spotting in earlier perganacy . And the next day it stopped . And haven't seen it sense. Now just yesterday I got written up at work for a few things that everyone else does everyday also have a picture and a copy of it . Along with telling me that they don't pay for 15 min of work but I need to be here 15 before my shift , I don't know why . All the time I'm here for those 15 extra min, I'm doing nothing or cleaning the shower house. And if I stay after she tells me if I leave at let say 845 pm I need to write down 830 . They don't pay by right to the minute only to half hour .My question is do I have enough info on getting something done about this .
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Canada Law
Expert:  Debra replied 1 year ago.

What is it that you want done about this?

For example, are you asking about whether you can quit and sue for constructive dismissal?

Are you saying that some of this is happening because you are pregnant?

Are you in union?

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