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Im just wondering if theres any thing i cad do ,,,,i was

Customer Question

hello there,,im just wondering if theres any thing i cad do for me,,,,i was seperated boutt 6 yrs ago,,,i didnt c my daughters for boutt 2 yrs aftr this happend,,,i did not pay child support for i was not seeing them so did not pay,,any ways,,i got behind n payments i guess,,,so as of right now,,i am on a dissability from my work for the last 5 yrs,,i gett from my work insurance monthly a cheque for 1495 dollars,,outt of this i pay 411, for child support,,which is way to much for my income as i only make bout 17000 yr,,,i now am recieving my CPPD. from the goverment,,now the 1495 i gett from my work insurance is cutt n half because now i gett 688.88 from my CPPD, Canada pension disability .. so now FRO,, FAMILY Responceability order is taking now another 344.44 of my CPP,,also i have my taxes, and everything else i recieve from the govrment garnished to pay back my money that i oued them from the beging, so now FRO, is taking ,,,411, $ of my insurance cheque i gett,, and also another 344.44 from my CPP,,how is this possibe that they can do this,,,,,you see the money im now getting from CPP is also being taken off my insurance money from work,,,,iv been unable to work the last 6 yrs,,,bcause of sever pain n my lower spine,,,,,so as of right now i gett a total of 549.50 a month,,,why r these people aloud to putt me out of my house( im beeing evicted cause i cannot pay my rent,,,i only gett 544.50 a month now,,,,pls help me if u can
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Canada Law
Expert:  Ulysses101 replied 1 year ago.

Hello, I can help you but this will take some time. When are you being evicted.

How much is the current order for your support payment? When was that order made?

When are you being evicted?

Are you up to date on your Income Tax Returns?


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