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To Whom It May Concern: A Request. We have a small business

Customer Question

To Whom It May Concern: A Request for help.
We have a small business in Victoria, entitled "XXX XXX With Laughter Ltd." We have written many English language textbooks that we sell to organizations all over the world. We have over 100 titles on Amazon and also sell through our websites on line.
We have just returned from Albania and Greece, where we donated our books, trained volunteer teachers, and set up English Language schools.
In Greece, we spent most of our time working with the refugees. We have a series of 150 free English lesson videos that the refugees can access on their smart phones or tablets. We visited the refugee camps in both countries and distributed information papers and talked to the people about learning English on their smart phones and devises. We were warmly received, the interest was great.
In Athens, we worked with the organization "XXX and XXX". This is a non profit organization, that before the refugee crisis, was supplying 4500 free meals and clothing a day to the recently unemployed people of Athens. Now, with the influx of thousands of refugees, they are swamped, trying to find enough food, and trying to raise enough money to keep going. Their greatest fear is a collapse of the banking system, and they expect this to happen in January.
With this in mind, they have asked that we set up a non profit NGO in Canada, so that they can open a bank account here, and sequester funds, in case of a banking emergency.
When the banks closed last summer, it was a nightmare for them to see their families going hungry.
For this undertaking, we would appreciate your help and legal advice.
Should you be interested in assisting us there are a couple of things that are important to bear in mind. Modest fees, or pro bono work would be greatly appreciated because all of the organization's strained funds are going towards food to help the people of Greece, as well as the refugees. Secondly, they are hoping that we can accomplish this very soon because the Greek banks are in such a precarious position, at the edge of collapse.
Kid and Family in Greece has given us written authority to act on their behalf, and have given us many pertinent documents.
We would be very grateful for your assistance, and at a time when all of Canada is thinking of the "refugee crisis", this could be an immeasurable help to these poor people.
XXX XXX With Laughter Ltd.
telephone: XXX XXX XXX
The NGO in Athens has given us written authority to act on their behalf, as well as copies of the following documents:
Certificate of Greek Government Registration (in English and Greek Languages.)
Charter Document
Recent Tax Office Financial Certification
Profile and Philanthropy Support to Families in Greece
Bank Statement of the Account in Alpha Bank, Athens
Our position in "Global Giving Organization in USA, Canada and UK
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Canada Law
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
We have been trying for three days to get some answers but the last email that was sent said that no one was working on this for us. Could you please tell us what we are doing wrong? We are willing to pay extra for a fast response.
George XXXX

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