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My son owns a plumbing business. He recently did a shower

Customer Question

My son owns a plumbing business. He recently did a shower instalation job for a neighbor down the street. He aways tells his customers to call him if there are any problems so he can come fix it as he guarentees his work.
A couple days later, this man shows up at my sons door angry. He throws the bill on the floor and said he would not pay as the shower leaked and he had to fix it and the job wasnt done well. Mynson was holding his 4 month old son in his arms and his wife and daughter were in the kitchen.
My son took time to think about it and thought this wasnt right. The guy never called so my son doesnt know if fhis was true or not. He then decided to bring down the price and pay him a visit so he could go check out the problem. When he vot there, the man was not home however his 16 year daughter was. My son asked if he could come in to see the shower and she said yes and let him in. He looked at the job and guy had made a mess so my son hax no way of seeing where the problem was. He then left the new bill with the daughter.
a couple hiurs later the man came back to my sons house furious. He asked my son why he changed his mind to give him reduced bill. He then accused my son's wife of getting involved and forcing my son to do this. He threatened him to take him to court and threatened him of coming in the house with only his 16 year old daughter alone in the house.
What should he do? What are his rights? He is trying to provide for his young family, has never had a complaint before and now is losing out on a whole days pay to which he said he is entitiled to get paid as he doesnt even know what the problem was and was not given a chance to go see before the man destroyed his work. Can you please tell me what he should do as he would like to keep his good reputation as a plumber.
thank you!
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Canada Law
Expert:  Debra replied 1 year ago.

I am sorry to hear this.

When did your son do the work?

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