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Kind sir, or madam, I'm a tenant in a building owned by

Customer Question

Kind sir, or madam,
I'm a tenant in a building owned by Effort Trust. The name of this building is Forest Hill in Hamilton . My family and I moved in, in July/2015. As of Aug 24th we the building received a letter that the building was to start reconstruction of all the balconies . This work commenced in the end of Oct, till this present time. Before I go any further, other buildings under construction that started in the summer are still under construction and these tenants till to this present day still have no access to they balconies due to no railings. It's been a min of 4 mos or more for them. My question to you sir is, can I stop the removable of balcony railing? Knowing that the railing aren't beening
replaced till late next year. We as a family enjoy the balcony view and our time outside. We also have pets that we have trained to do their business in the appropriate trays. We live on the seventh floor of the building and speaking to other tenants we all agree. Now some tenants have already had railings removed, and have no access. I do understand the meaning of inconvenience as per the letter states, but this is a long term inconvenience and a disruption to our living. We move into the building for the view from the balcony. I believe that the contract company that effort trust has hired to do all the work on all the buildings in the area has biten more then they can chew, in the time frame of completion. Its an inconvenience with no time limit. Upon speaking with other irated tenants, not just in this building, what can we do? If anything.
Thank you
Leo email; [email protected]
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Canada Law
Expert:  Debra replied 1 year ago.

Are you saying that you know that your railing will be removed soon but will not be replaced for a very long time?

If so, have you discussed this with the landlord?