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I have been employed with my current employer since Jan

Customer Question

I have been employed with my current employer since Jan 2015. They recruited me and relocated from Europe to Canada (Alberta, Edmonton), and paid for the relocation costs. My contract stipulates that in case I leave their employ within 24 months, I need to pay back relocation fee, on pro-rated basis.
Since I joined, we started downsizing, and ended up reducing salaries across the board in March 2015. I received a salary reduction of 10% for 2 months ($28,000.00 CAD over 2 month period), and have never received a bonus of 15% of my base salary. We have since dropped from 600 to 200 employees and the uncertainty continues.
I am looking for another job due to all of the above mentioned, as I am the only one working in my family since moving to Canada. I would like to understand my possible obligations of relocation fee clause in case I do leave in January 2016, in light of all the listed circumstances.
I would like for a lawyer to review my current employment contract - 4 pages - and advise of my obligations and rights related to moving to another employer, especially related to paying back relocation cost.
Thank you and regards.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Canada Law
Expert:  Debra replied 1 year ago.

The lawyers on this site cannot review contracts. In Canada our law societies do not permit us to provide legal advice online.

If you like, I can suggest ways on finding a lawyer in Alberta.

As well, I can explain about what constructive dismissal means if you do not know that. This may apply in your case. It would not be a substitution for legal advice but would be a good starting point and you would go into seeing a lawyer knowing more than you do now. Let me know if that will help.