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Iv been charged with driving under suspention at least 8

Customer Question

hello iv been charged with driving under suspention at least 8 times and are in court no for 2 of the 8 of them/no I have higherd a lawyer on my behalf and now he has droped my case just before trial,when iasked him why.he awswerdit was because of knowen accaitesof mine and he just didn't want to get invoulve because he was going to be a sitting judge.ifound this very suspisouse after my wife had him represent her were I was called as apoloice witness to testifiy against her 'were I did .now when weask this lawyer he never summited the doctors report or hospital report and then my wife was found guilty and told her y she was convickted was because of my testomoney whitch she hadnever suppeeened me but the cops did and that I told the truth and the judge or my lawyer blamed her'now bty my understanding how could my wife beconvited because the judge blames me for lieing witch I toold the truth and the judge evan said the he now know for a fact that the office lied oin court and I was his whitness shouldn't my testimony be thown out of court 'but instead she was convicted.and this lawyer who I'm talking about failed to summittt evedince and now has drop my case because of cop corruption that can be proved plus I have documation from the ministry drivers lience that proves iv been convicted and payed well over 12 thopusAND DOLLARS IN FINES AND WENT WITH OUT DRIVER LICENTS FOR AT LEAST 5 YEARS NOW BECAUSE THE CROWN AND MY LAWYER WERE IN CAHOOTS WITH EACH OTHERE AND HELD KEY DOCUMATATION FROM MY CASE AND MADE ME TAKE A PLEA DEAL NOW IM IN OPOSESTION OF THESE DOCUMENT AND IS NOW LOOKING AT JAIL TIME ALL BECAUSE OF CROCKEDNESS AND LEFT WITH OUT A LAYWER AND NOBODY IN TOWN WITLL TAKE MY CASE /PLEASE HELP
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Canada Law
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
as well I have found out that the minerstry of transportation has at least 2 and upto as many as 5 drivers lience numbers in my name I can prove at least 2 different ones now the crown in my last case new all the time about these leince numbers because he had got my drivers record and failed to disclose them to my lawyer and I was convicted.aswell iv had to pay atleast ten thousand or more in fines and 2000 inreinstatment yhe ministry has recognised that I could be paying onand being charge because these lience numbers have been given out top other people and yhe numbers are still ion my name
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
iv have been droped by my insurance company for my record I'm no on the poliece radar and been pulled over 7 times in one week and ive been charge twice now for driving while suspended within 2 hrs of be put threw by the ministry come on like I'm a target and the government also tag me as a violent crimanl and it been on my record sice 2009 and ive never been charge or convicted with a weond or gun affences but I'm rated a possible 27 out of 27 and never been convicted of a voilen crime
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
this is all on my drivers lience so if I get pulled over I have atleast 4 cruser with guns drawen on me and alwas forced out of my car and orderd face down on the groud .this is harassment degreading and now its effecting my job
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
sorry but there is so much more I could tell u but I fear you and your whole ferm would be spending a lot of time just to read all of this shit
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
if you need moore information please just call me at this number *** **** ****

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