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I am resident of pakistan, today I got the result of my temp

Customer Question

I am resident of pakistan, today I got the result of my temp visitors visa application and the VO rejects the application by giving the reason that he/she is not satisfied I will come back and sub reason provided was visit propose.
Now I am a CEO of a company in pakistan,I am married and have over 200,000 US$ in my financial statement as closing balance with over 50,000US$ monthly transactions, last 3 years tax returns filed, an invitation letter from canadian company (whose presence is in 5 countries around the world) with whom I am doing business for over 1 year with monthly transactions of over 30,000-40,000US$.
I want to appeal the decision as propose of visit (which was crystal clear) and ties to my home country both are strong.
please let me know the process and fee for it.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Canada Law
Expert:  Debra replied 1 year ago.

I am sorry to hear this. There is no appeal process unfortunately.

What you have to do is reapply but you have to make sure you have more information to provide or you will not be successful.

For example, if your spouse has employment in Pakistan prove this.

Prove that you have other ties to the community aside from your employment and your assets. Assets can be moved and your spouse can move to Canada too. So you have to show why you must go back to Pakistan.

I suggest having the letter of invitation redone and have it stress that you are needed in Pakistan by the company who wants you to visit here but clearly wants you to remain in Pakistan to further your business relationship.

It may be best to consider retaining a lawyer in Canada to assist with the new application.

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