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My ex partner of 6 years, we live separate and occasionally

Customer Question

My ex partner of 6 years, we live separate and occasionally had gotten together did hard drugs made videos and took pics of our fun nights at the time.
Now he has taking our videos and pictures and has made a profile page on 2 porn site. I have never Givin him permission once to post any of it.
He has one open as a unknown author.
He states that he is taken a couple with me in his profile when we are not.
Our emails to eachother are ruthless threating when things don't rite and when normal things go smooth. He has a cocaine addiction that make his moods go up and down. He has been this way for almost 3 years now.
I smoke weed I will test for cocaine I am clean and never buy it. I don't have an issue.
We have two small children that we already have a history with cas that he use against me.
Our kids is the only way he tries to hurt me.
There's tricks and games between our emails
Damaging to both of us. I need help, I tried calling the police station for help they didn't offer any advice but to only send an officer here to take a report.
I need questions answered first before I make a report.
I have asked in every email begged for him to remove them. He has 44 videos 300 pics in his porn page. The video are a few hours away to being viewed a million times.
He has said he is no removing it he has said he will make money of this he would tag my name in the video.. he has said cause I put him online that he will..
I wrote a post about him in 20 12 no lies all truth.
I realize we both f**ked ourselves, but can I do something to get that profile he made gone?
Some of his videos have made it to third party Web sites and those are there forever
I won't leave my house
I'm sick every day
I'm looking at this public site that you can just simply Google every day to see what he has do e next
This is consuming me
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Canada Law
Expert:  Debra replied 1 year ago.

I am sorry to hear this.

This is a difficult and dangerous situation.

You are correct in being afraid to make a report to the police as this will likely be reported to the CAS,

I suggest that you immediately retain a lawyer to send him a letter threatening a lawsuit.

The lawyer you speak to is bound by solicitor client privilege but I am not as you are not my client so we should not discuss details on this site.