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Me and my husband had an argument about transferring in the

Customer Question

Me and my husband had an argument about transferring in the house and our conversation for almost 2hrs.ended up with nothing so i was so upset and disappointed and by being so agressive that moment i get a knife and saying that i want to die and kill myself because he's going to bring our kids as well. i didn't mean to utter words like that. i am just catching his attention if he still care for me and love me, he's going to resist what i'm holding.the kids were there that time. But he did it turn around saying to the police that i will kill him. so the police gave me a court hearing already.i have restrictions that i will abstain from seeing him and communicating directly and indirectly but i heard from one of our friends that my husband wants to withraw his complaint against me before i will attend to the court because he was shocked that they gave me a court hearing already and that he also didn't mean to complain about me. would it be possible to withraw the complaint against me?and what does it mean crown disclosure obligation? This is my first time i have been complained for my entire life and i don't have any idea about court hearings. We are both permanent residents here in canada and my husband and children just arrived canada 2months ago. Thanks for your help in advance. More power
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Canada Law
Expert:  Debra replied 1 year ago.

I am sorry to hear this.

This is a serious issue and the consequences are very serious as you can face deportation. So it is vital that you retain a criminal lawyer.

If your spouse wants to tell the Crown that he doesn't want you to be convicted that may help but your spouse didn't charge you rather the police did and they did so because they believe you committed an offence so it is not up to your spouse.

So the charges are not up to him.

Please retain a lawyer so you can have the best possible defence put forward for you.