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I am a Canadian immigrant that doesn't speak good english

Customer Question

I am a Canadian immigrant that doesn't speak good english and have difficult to understand spoken english.
After I lived 9 years in canada and I acquired the citizenship I return to Peru and I worked there until the present. Mi son and my grand sons live in Vancouver and I want to join them and to do that possible I ask my son find a property for me, he saw the advertisement of a property close to his home in Pitt Meadows, announcing that inside the property there is a house and an storage, my son visited very fast the property but he couldn't watch inside the house because it had a lot of thorn bushes and the house was borded up with ply wood, however he talk to a broker to do an offer, he did that in october 20 advised in the amount to offer, then, in october 21, the broker send trough my son a paper to put the offer signed for me, in this paper that I send you adjoint, says that I must to give a deposit of $100,000 Canadian dollars, as I don't understand good the english I signed the paper thinking I could negotiate the down payment and then ask a credit or financing to the bank, and thinking that the house of the property were habitable to live, but my surprise was that wen I arrived to Vancouver the 24 october 2015, and saw the property the house is in ruines and is impossible to live there because all is broken, and it is not possible to restored it because there is nothing to recover.; so I told that to the broker and he told me that the contract obligated me to buy the property, and that I have to deposit the money, I think that that is no fair and just because I didn't see the property before I signed the paper, and I signed because I think i could live in the house, something also very surprising in this case is that the broker send me the paper some hours after my son contact him and giving me only some hours to sign it telling my song the 24 october the sellers closed the date to receive the offers, as I was early pressed to sign because he told my son the price of the property was really cheap and that the bank will give the financing, I signed, obviously when I saw the property, I realized that it was impossible to live there and I couldn't buy it furthermor the bank can't give a credit because I don't have revenues in canada, so I don't appli to a credit.
I told the broker I don't want buy the property because the reason I explain you, but he insist that I must paid the deposit if not they can initiate a judicial process non the court.
Finally reading the paper called contract of purchase and sale I saw that in the clause 8 says that I viewed the property on october 13, which is not true, because I was in Peru on that date, and I arrived to Vancouver on october 24, as I can show with my passport and airline ticket.
I am really very concern by this matter and I think this paper and behaviour of the broker is very injust.
I will appreciate your advise to solve this very injust case.
Alfredo Kihien
This letter was wrote by my son.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Canada Law
Expert:  Debra replied 1 year ago.

Was your son told the house was in good condition and in a livable state or was he told that the property was for sale and that you could build a new home on this lot?

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