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My real estate agent had me sign a year buyer's contract. I

Customer Question

My real estate agent had me sign a year long buyer's contract. I was not aware the contract was for a year, in fact I don't even remember signing it.
I am buying a home 2 hours away from where I sold my home. They have not been able to service me adequately in this area. I have been through open houses and done searches myself. When a house came up I wanted, I signed with another agent for 48 hours. I loved the house and purchased it. I don't feel I should miss out on my dream home because they are 2 hours away and unavailable.
To make matters worse, they have accused ME of sexually harassing them. The things that have been said have been upsetting and they have brought up any issue in an attempt to hurt me. They have been bullying me and threatening me to the point that I have had to block all their emails, text messages, and phone calls. Agreement or not, they do not have the right to treat me any way they please. They broke down the working relationship.
I am on disability so they won't get anything if they sue. However, they are at the current time trying to add additional money onto the sale of my home, which was a nightmare in itself. The brokers of record will not contact me yet my lawyer's office has fielded 11 calls from 5 different people trying to receive money owed from the sale of my home.
I am in tears all the time, worried, having anxiety attacks and this is suppose to be a happy time for me. I feel they have misled and took advantage of me. When I thought I was signing the selling agreement, they threw in a buyer's contract???? I am at fault but at the time was under such duress, I didn't have the time to read everything through properly. They were at my home until 2:00 am and I was so tired.
I feel powerless. I cannot believe how unprofessional these people are and how they think they can get away with treating me the way they have and still want to squeeze money out of me. What kind of lawyer can help me with this situation? It is quickly bordering on police involvement. Please help.....
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Canada Law
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Not sure if this matters or helps but I was in Intervention Crisis with a psychiatrist and psychologist at the time for mental health issues when I signed those documents. I was really not in a position to be making such big decisions at that time and my medical health providers were concerned ~ now I know why.
Expert:  Debra replied 1 year ago.

I am sorry to hear this.

If you can prove that they mis-represented what the contract included you may be able to succeed if they sue you. That is also the case if you can prove that they breached the contract either in not performing their services adequately or because of how they treated you.

But you do need to retain a lawyer at once. It is not correct that they cannot get anything if you are on disability. They can force a sale of the house that you bought and get what is owing to them from the equity.

You can retain a lawyer that does civil litigation.

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