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My question is my work sent me home, due to having one beer

Customer Question

My question is my work sent me home, due to having one beer at noon getting off from another job, beer at 1 ...didnt have to go to work till 4pm sameday. l was sent home driving my car. Manager, HR, Union and me meeting took place ..paper given to me to see this dr in our union contract work has breached not letting EDMP or DMP know what was going on till 2 months later....since no proof what work states saying l was intoxicated....but let me drive home. lm not stupid to show up for work in such state...calling in sick is. l been under a great deal of stress. DMP who works for the company, EDMP are to seek a program that would help me get back to work asap....since work pulled a fast one on me.....this has caused nothing but grief, pain and suffering, passing the buck getting no where, my health, stress, gained so much weight due to stress....pissing out my ass due to stress, not sleeping, nightmares, anziity big time....l love my job which l have two with Interior situation has gone out of control This situation is the only time now learned a valueable lesson big time, lm being punished harshly, for the cause....l now know yes l could of been fired on the spot has no proof, plus they let me drive...
Dr Yang only approves private rehabs costing 11grand up to 22 grand....l feel so beat union are going with what work have done....put in a grivance stage 3 with union lawyer....which work wont back down, saying l have to pay rehab...l dont have a substance problem l was on adivan l go to see my GP which she perscribed medication each month cause l couldnt sleep plus my mom past away in dec 2014..holding down two jobs it seems a waiting game .....l have put myself in a program at mental health for 4 weeks three times a day.....intense and very my other job which lm told was told to the manager l was on sick leave....l feel this is not right, work putting me though all this stress, breaching contract, yet l pay the price, plus still waiting for long term disability forms from work...over two weeks now. My sick EI is about to run out soon...LTD takes time, no income coming in now puts me at a higher range of stress.
Whats your input of my situation.......
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Canada Law
Expert:  Debra replied 1 year ago.

I'm sorry to hear of this terribly difficult situation.

Your post is very long and a bit difficult to follow because I don't know the people are such as Dr. Yang or the structure of how things are set up.

In a couple of sentences please let me know exactly what you would like to see happen and what you would like the union to do for you.

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