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I have a question; yesterday late afternoon while at the Gym

Customer Question

I have a question; yesterday late afternoon while at the Gym I was accused of taking pictures by a female person. There was a class of Spinning going on and I was doing weights just on the outside of the room, it has glass windows and the machines that I was working on were about 2 meters from the wall of windows. I use my IPhone as a timer (2 Minute intervals between exercises) I was also texting with customers during the 2 minute breaks. At no time was my phone pointed directly to the spin classes like I would to take a picture. She literally came out of the room during the class and accused me out loud and aggressively of taking pictures, I was completely surprised and told her I'm timing myself and texting what are you talking about... do you want to look at my pictures and she told me out load YOU BETTER NOT BE and pointed her finger to me and went back in the class. I was shocked, so I stayed till the class was finished to go into the class try to reason with her defend my reputation and also the say that this was absurd and why would I want to take pictures of this it crazy. She says that as I was putting my phone in my pocket every time that I was taking pictures and that she was not the only one, however no one said anything. I said this completely offends me as I have been at the gym for over 4 years ( 4 times a week) and she embarrassed me in front t of my friends. She proceeded to say she is a woman and that she was sure I as taking pictures, again in front of all I said that My phone is my timer and that my whole family goes to this gym and again that her calling is false. She did not see that way, I also went to complain to the managers on my way out. My question, can I charge her with something, I am furious that someone just like that can cause serious harm to my reputation, also when she said "You Better Not" was threatening. I'm a father of 3 and married 30 years I do not need someone to just come out and say this and then not say she might have made an error. My wife says I should let it go. Anyway please let me know what my options are please.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Canada Law
Expert:  Debra replied 2 years ago.

I'm sorry to hear this.

What is the club going to do about this if anything?