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I am a recruitment from Bhutan. There is a man who used to

Customer Question

I am a recruitment from Bhutan. There is a man who used to be an Indian but now is a citizen of Canada. He owns a consultancy firm. He promised visa for study, work and permanent residence. We have transferred huge amounts to his Current Account, Canada.
We also had some students for Moscow. He at first took approximately US$ 971/applicant for visa stamping etc. And then he had asked for approximately US$ 1120 as his service charge to which we had agreed. He had promised the admission in university as well as part time job in Moscow for all the applicants. He first asked us to deposit the same to his account. Later he wanted the money in cash paid to him by applicants on their arrival at Delhi Airport. Some misunderstandings occurred in between the applicants and him and among 5 applicants (One couldn't join them from Bhutan itself at the end moment), only 1 applicant paid the service charge to him. On their arrival to Moscow, they had no jobs, the university rejected their admission as their documents were not endorsed in Bhutan which we did not know as that Canadian man had not informed us. They had to return to their home country as the visa was also a tourist visa for everyone.
Now this Canadian man is bent upon charging us the service of those students for whom he did not do things properly, who had to return from Moscow after wasting their time and money there.
This man has stopped all other Canada Applicants' processes due to this above mentioned issue. He had been paid his first stage fees by all the work permit and PR applicants. But he has never produced the LMIA for any WP applicants not did he complete any of the PR applicants' process. We stopped the Russian (new group) WP applicants' fee payment and told him that we will pay that if only he sends the LMIA for Canadian WP applicants first. And he stopped all the process as he wants us to pay first. How can we trust him and keep on sending money whereas he has not even completed one project in good manner?
What can we do to file a case against him in his country Canada? What would be the sentence for him if he's found guilty? What are the procedures for filing a case against him in his country? Please help !
Thank You.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Canada Law
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Recruitment Agent*
Expert:  Debra replied 2 years ago.

Well of course you can't trust him. I'm very sorry to hear of this situation. You've been scammed.

Just as a rule of thumb you should never use anyone but a lawyer for immigration purposes. Lawyers do charge more but they know the law and they will get the job done properly.

What you can do now is call the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and report this major fraud. Be sure to have all the facts readily available to report including how much money this man has been paid and how much harm he has caused.

He could face jail time for this.

You can also report him to Canada immigration.