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I'm 25 I accedently sent a pic to the wrong number through

Customer Question

Hey, I'm 25 I accedently sent a dick pic to the wrong number through iMessage. No idea where or who it went to but I got a response that they were going to contact the authorities. Not sure if sending a dick pic is illegal but I'm freaking out that I'm gunna go to jail or something.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Canada Law
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I apologized immediately, explained it was a wrong number.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
It was through an old iPad not sure if that matters I could just say I don't own it any more?
Expert:  Debra replied 1 year ago.

There is really no likelihood that you're going to go to jail.

If this was intended for someone else who is a consenting adult then this was an honest mistake and I can't see the authorities doing anything at all.

It may be that you will be contacted by the police and then you should remember that it is your legal right to speak to a lawyer to get some advice before making any statement.

It is highly inadvisable to lie to the police. The simple truth is the best situation for you. It is simply the case that you made an error and thought you were sending this to a consenting adults but instead sent it to a complete stranger. When you discovered this you immediately apologized.

Does that help?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I hear you, total accident. I have no idea who I messeged. But I just ditched the iPad. I'll have to say it was stolen if they contact me. It was through email so I doubt I will here anything unless they come to my door.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Police have no interest in cutting people breaks on stupid stuff like this. It would go to court if I'm contacted and I can't lose my job over something stupid like this
Expert:  Debra replied 1 year ago.

As I've already stated the truth is your best answer. Once you start lying you will end up in trouble. You've not yet done anything illegal. There is certainly no reason to start now. It is illegal to lie to the police. Your lie will not at all be believed and the police will go by an IP address in any event.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
It could be possible that I lost it in the naghborhood and someone is using my wifi
Expert:  Debra replied 1 year ago.

I think we are going around in circles. If you wanted to get legal information I don't know why now you are thinking that you know better.

I've already said several times that what you did was an honest mistake and not an offense. But every else that you've come back with since that time will end up having charged.

When I first read your first post I thought that you were an honest person who made an error. Had you posted something about a lost or stolen iPad I would not have believed you. If I will not believe you didn't he leave you then why would the police?

I don't think it's useful for us to go up and back like this because I have said the same thing several times and at this point in time if we continue we will just be wasting each other's time. So if you have nothing more to say but to try to make up excuses that will not help when the truth does help I think we should stop now.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I know okay I'll try it your way. I've have had a couple encounters with the police before speeding ticket etc and being honest with them never helped me before that's all I appreciate your time
Expert:  Debra replied 1 year ago.

Good luck!

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