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I am a 19 year old woman american citizen ive been living in

Customer Question

hi i am a 19 year old woman american citizen ive been living in canada for 5 mounths i wish to stay so i beleive i have to apply get my extended stay visa a mounth befor im going to leave anyways my bf is a 24 year old male hes a canadian citizen and i want to be a canadian citizen to be able to work go to school my bf thinks its best of i get a degree back home so we have a chance at making it ive done alot of research into how to become a citizen i currently cant work and i dont go to school i beleive the only way i can get into the country is through a sposal sponosorship wich would take 3 years of me not working and him proving we wont be a finachial burden on the giverment anyways i recently met a woman who is going to live in the town i am but she dosnt have to worry about leaving shes geting temporary residencey and a work visa but its a family who is sponsoring her into the country to be a neany to there son anyways it makes me think wow maybe its not as dificult as i thought maybe theres another way what do u think best thing to do is? what kind of visa do i need to go for
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Canada Law
Expert:  Debra replied 1 year ago.

You can be sponsored as a common law spouse and can remain in Canada while the application is going on. You can also get a work permit to work while you are waiting.

Or you can come to Canada on a study permit and go to school in Canada and your spouse can sponsor you during that time as well.

Or you can come to Canada on a study permit and after you graduate you can work in Canada and then apply for permanent residency status.

There are lots of options but is complicated and so what you should so is see an immigration in NS face to face for a complete consultation.

You can do that for free through the lawyer referral service.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
the problem is that to get a work visa u need to be some one like an electrician or a teacher some skill i dont have one i dont have a degree so i cant apply for a work visa because in order to apply for a work visa u first have to have a companty agree to sponser u for ur work visa, also to do a sposal sponosership i have to be with the person for a full year and never have left canada and u can only stay 6 mounths at a time so to stay longer then that u have to get an extended stay visa and u can only do tjhat in the country and u have to do it a mounth befor ur going to leave so if i never get the extended stay visa i can never stay long enought ot be considered a common law couple and if i cant to do that then we cant apply for him to sposal sponser me so my question is do u think i should try to get my extended visa i have to apply octber 16 cause im supose to leave november 16
Expert:  Debra replied 1 year ago.

That is not quite accurate. If you start a spousal application then you can get an open work permit and work anywhere.

I never suggest you get a temporary work permit at this point.

For the spousal application you have to be common law spouses for one year at least, or be married. You can have left Canada. There is no requirement about staying in Canada.

You can apply to extend your visa.

But I already told you what I think and it is to see an immigration lawyer first before deciding as you cannot get a good enough understanding by reading information online. You need an expert to analyze your facts. And you can do this for half hour for free so there is just no reason not to do so.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
you dont have to get a compant agree to hier u and sponser u for your work visa u can just apply cause ive looked into it and it says to get a work visa in canada u have to have a comapny already agree to hier u? and to be considered caommon law ive been told and read that u have to live together like a married couple for a year but if i dont stay cause i cant because i cant stay more then 6 mounths at a time so i would have to go home for a atleast one day and then come back then we cant ever live together for an uneterupted 12 mounths so we cant be considered common law i was also told that under a sposal sponosership im not allowed to work
Expert:  Debra replied 1 year ago.

You aren't understanding what I am saying. It is not about being interrupted for one day.

You can leave for a day or even a short while. It is about living together in a marriage like relationship. People don't have to live together every night and day for that.

Once you've been living together for a year he can sponsor you and once that sponsorship starts you get an open work permit because you are being sponsored as a spouse.

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