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Security and assistants from the rock concert pushed and

Customer Question

security and assistants from the rock concert pushed and shoved my family abusing us. how to proceed a claim to tribunal
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Canada Law
Expert:  Debra replied 1 year ago.

What province is this?

Did someone get hurt?

Were you treated differently than others?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
That letter I sent to company who provide a performance.
I am, really, not understand what is going on…..
Believe me, I never expect as situation could be happen with me in Canada.
It should not be possible.
I am in a shock till today from the incidence that happened in September 18/2015 ,Molson Canadian Amphitheatre, as too bad and unreal , even in the "nightmare"
I was only trying to enjoy a night of Scorpions at the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre
Scorpions was great, it was too bad we could not enjoy the performance as it was made to be enjoyed, as we are sure we could have.
From the begin, I want to describe my desire to be in Scorpions concert.
I bought 3-three tickets SIX month ago March 2015 , paid more than $ 300….!!!!
What I did to achieve a fun !!!! And the results what I got:
1. In August, 2015 my husband have been rescheduled his very important business trip, which involved 5 (five) his co-workers. They changed they work scheduled business trip too !!!
2. My son, who is on ODSP after massive surgery, awaited that concert six! month to get a fun, because he asked me to buy tickets for his lovely Scorpions group
3. Friday is, usually , a very busy day for me. And , especially In that day Sep.18/2015, I have a lot of very important duty, from my business , which I had to finish, before I’ve gone to the concert .
As far as I show, I did so much to have a fun! BUT…..
The LIVE NATION provider who organized they services:
1. Parking spot cost $30 night time
2. Our seats were occupied and, even though not, I couldn’t see any performance, because all of people in front ,from my side, stood up from their seats and all of service providers refused to help us .
3. During the show, nobody from your supervisor staff or assistants didn’t do nothing to protect me and my family from the horrible smell of marijuana drugs, accordingly of your policy. I have had a headache. Couldn’t breeze properly. Very awful
My family and I decided to watch the concert by standing in the aria where the drugs smelling felt less than our tickets seats. But staff has been intervened and insisted us moved back. Assistants made me feeling as a prisoner . It was terrible.
The security guy didn't do any steps to prohibit people constantly continued to get up to buy beer and subsequent trips to the washrooms. This was evident throughout the entire venue to go and back with beer. but he didn't aloud to my family to get enjoy for my money. All the security cameras will show you how it was. Suddenly, several workers came to our spot and in an extremely unprofessional and very rude behavior form had required us to left that concert place. I didn't understand what happened and why I have to leave . I tried to get some explanation from the lady who didn't introduce of herself, but with behavior as a “boss” there. She pushed my son very hard. He is, still, recovery from the surgery. I have had too afraid about him. I tried to protect him from those sinister women. She started to push me too with her black dirty gloves and I had been feeling too vile and disgusting.
My husband tried to explain them that some mistake has happened, but no one wanted to hear him . They called to police. Police came and went us out from very bad, uncomfortable and unfriendly environment.
They explained to us that we have to send our complaints to your company.
Finally what I got in September 18, 2015 to pay my money :
1. Human rights violations
2. Harassments and Aggressive behavior
3. Lost My Money
4 .Headache and my back pain
5 .Fearful of my son’s health
6. My husband and his co-workers lost they business trip and money, because after they postponed it was cancelled.
7. Till now, I feel her black dirty gloves touching my skin. It makes me feel vile and disgusting.
Now, it my first step:
I am sending a complaints latter
I hope to search out forums , twitters and fasebook to express our disappointment on how the amphitheatre fails its customers and performers for the sake of a few more beer sales. People who pay as much as we did for tickets should be able to listen and watch a show without being disturbed as we were on Friday night.
Your employees are breaking the law,surely knowing about it. My son with ODSP support after a massive operation,
suffered from
the abuse of your employees.
Shoving and pushing my family and myself they forced us to leave the concert hall by disgracing us in front of 5000 or more spectators.
I am not a young person and I didn't imagine that it ever could happen with me. My husband, my son and I are very respected and educated Canadians.
I will not allow anyone to abuse me or my family.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I wait the answer....
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Expert:  Debra replied 1 year ago.

Sorry for the delay, but that was a considerable amount to read.

I'm also sorry that you were treated badly.

Are you saying that you were removed because you continue to stand in the area at the back rather than stay in your seats? I understand that you were treated badly but is not actually why they wanted you out?

With this your first time attending a large concert?

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