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I have the cell phone records showing the times and dates to

Customer Question

I have the cell phone records showing the times and dates to support my statement
Calls from Telus re: new monthly pricing
· Jason called Sept 19, 2015 about connecting fibre optic service – I told him it was all connected in Dec 2014, we were already with a contract for TV, internet and phone.
· He said he had a special promotion and would check if it still applies to me and he will call back
· Jason called back, said he could get us the special pricing, he asked how much I was paying now.
· I pulled the last invoice and gave him my price for the phone, internet, Optik TV – total $145.00
· He asked if I will be interested in saving money and he could get me the same services for $88.00 per month.
· I said that is great, of course I will be interested and he is my favorite person today and probably the next 6 months; I then asked him if this pricing was for 6 months?
· Jason said no, it is for the term of my contract – I commented back that he is my favorite person for the next 2 ½ years.
· I asked Jason if I had to sign anything – he replied no, he just wanted some information and it will be complete.
· As requested, I provided Jason with my birth date, driver license number and my health care number.
· Jason said everything is now complete and I will receive the papers from him in a couple days, and the pricing should start next week - this is when I provided him my email address for copy of paperwork. Jason said he was using his phone and if I had any questions, the number is ***** on my phone.
· Today I received a call from Telus customer service – the agent gave his greeting and introduction and continued with a statement that the offer Telus person provided to me is a mistake and Telus will not be implementing the contract.
· I told the agent that the gentleman called me, he made me a promotional offer on behalf of Telus, I agreed to the terms of his offer. The agent said that this is pricing for new service only and that I already had a contract – it was a mistake that the employee made.
· I told the service agent that I informed the employee that I was already connected the previous December and under contract already. He said he will confirm that I qualify and will call me back; I was called back and the price and terms were offered, I accepted those terms and we had completed the contract when I provided my personal information and I was told that no signature was necessary.
· The agent again said he could not extend the terms and at that time I requested to speak to the manager. He said he will contact me and said he will put me on hold and provide background to the manager and then connect us.
· The manager said the same, could not honour the pricing. I stated to him that the Telus employee made a pricing offer for services I had, I accepted the offer and completed the offer by providing my personal information.
· The manager offered to give me a discount to lower my current pricing to $105/ month for the next 6 months. I told him he can change the price of my current bill if he wants but I am not accepting any terms other than those that were made to me on Saturday by Jason – an employee of Telus. I agreed to the terms of the Telus offer, I provided all that was requested of me to consummate the contract – if Telus is not providing their terms as contracted, the need to send this to me in writing and I will take the steps necessary.
· The manager said he will need to review and will contact me again to seek resolution.
· I received a call this evening saying Telus will not meet the price as stated by their representative,
Chuck Seguin ***@******.***
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Canada Law
Expert:  Debra replied 1 year ago.

They are entirely incorrect and you are totally correct.

Their agent made you an offer that you accepted. This means there is a binding contract.

Their employee acted as their agent and that binds them and it is not relevant that their employee made a mistake.

Tell them you are insisting that they adhere to the terms of their contract and if they do not you will file a complaint with the Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunication Services and if that does not work you will sue them.

You can sue them in Small Claims Court if it comes to that.

Here is a link to the information you will need about filing a complaint:

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