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I am a personal trainer and have signed a contract with a

Customer Question

i am a personal trainer and have signed a contract with a client which she has not repsected. On the contract it clearly stipulâtes that sessions missed by the client are not reimbursable or transferable. She has started to harass me by text messages and calling my place of work. She has submitted claims to her insurance company to be reimbursed for the sessions. She has received the monies from the insurance company and is now asking that i reimburse her for the amounts she has already received from her insurance company. To date she is threatening me to have my naturopath licesne revoked. I need to know how to proceed with this situation. I have kept all her texts and messages to demonstrate the level of harrassment she is causing me several times a day.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Canada Law
Expert:  Debra replied 2 years ago.

I suggest that you call the police and ask to have her either charged with harassment or else at least warned to stop contacting you.

You can show them that there are persistent, unwelcome, threatening messages to you.

As well, it sounds like she has committed fraud with her insurance company because they will not reimburse her if you charge her for unused sessions. They don't even reimburse for a missed session when the person is sick or for a late charge when they show up too late and miss the session so it may be that you should send a list of when you did do the sessions to the insurance company if you feel that is something you wish to pursue.

As well, you can call your college (your regulating body) and seek some guidance. Explain what is happening and say you are afraid she will make false allegations about you.

Finally, I suggest you have a lawyer send her a letter threatening a lawsuit if she doesn't cease and desist at once.