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My daughter just moved into a condo, under sub-lease, this

Customer Question

My daughter just moved into a condo, under sub-lease, this being her 2nd week, she received 3 letters of different bylaws of the condo she broke, one she used a grocery cart that was on the property to help move items while she waited for her father to arrive with trailer. She was told she is too pay 250 for moving out of alloted bylaw times, and she is to pay 50 bucks for having Ashley furniture to move items in that she purchased, to be delivered this week by the store. The gave her 3 letters with pictures attached regarding her move and charges? The lady that approached her was very threatening and harassing, she felt she was targeted as Aboriginal. She has not seen bylaws, was told by owner she is renting from to move at certain times, however as her father came from the NWT, her move was delayed, so they moved in around 11am Sat/or Sunday till late, around 10pm.
She indicated under reviews which she wish she read prior to moving in, they are horrible, but she has signed a lease, but feels she is being watched, harassed and as a single mother it has really bothered her health and wellbeing. So end result she received a fine for 50 for using a grocery cart, 250 for moving out of time slot, which she has never received copy of any bylaws and is being fined if a local furniture store delivers furniture as it is a 50 dollar fee for the key to the elevator to use the elevator to lock and move furniture up. This is crazy, and out of contact under the Human Rights and Constitution as a individual invasion of privacy, taking pictures on first day moving in and posting in letters is creepy, being harassed and monitored on every move she made. She wants to sue for the unneccesary stress and hardship she has never in her life experienced. She is a single mom with an 8 year old boy, and is in tears practically over this situation.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Canada Law
Expert:  Debra replied 1 year ago.

Your daughter is not liable for fines required to be paid by the Condo corp. The owner is.

If her landlord did not tell her what the rules are and didn't provide the by-laws then she is also not liable to her landlord.

So if the owner is not the landlord but at tenant is then the tenant is liable to the owner for these fines and she is not liable to the tenant unless she was told the rules.

If she did break rules that she knows about then she is liable to her landlord for any fines.

If she is being treated differently by the condo corp because she is native then she can file a complain with the Human Rights Commission.

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