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Purchased a 2009 vehicle from a dealer a month ago.within 36

Customer Question

purchased a 2009 vehicle from a dealer a month ago.within 36 hours vehicle kept stalling.
Canadian tire road tested the vehicle and at this time the engine seized.
Upon further investigation by Canadian tire technicians it was finally discovered that the crankshaft bearings were worn to the point where it caused catastrophic engine failure, the only solution being a replacement engine.Upon informing the dealer he said that no warranty was implied and was abusive over the phone.I called Amvic and after three weeks of their investigation was told that the dealer is prepared to offer me $1000.00.So far this vehicle has cost me $5,000.00(purchase price)$500.00 to diagnose and a further $4,100.00 to remedy making a total of$9,600.00.The Amvic investigator informed me that i should have given the dealer a chance to fix the vehicle hence the low settlement offer.
I did some research and the cost of a replacement engine was comparable to the amount i paid.Regardless i did not have benefit of use.Should i accept the offer or seek legal redress?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Canada Law
Expert:  Debra replied 1 year ago.

I cannot advise you but your case is strong because why would you trust this dealer to rectify the problem when he denied it until AMVIC was involved and when he, as your expert, should have already known about the issue and not sold you the car.

You can sue in Small Claims Court and self-represent so there will not be any legal costs.

If you don't want to take the settlement then send them a letter demanding reimbursement in full by a deadline that you set and threatening to sue.

If you end up having to sue you can always post on this site again if you find you need some help during the process and I can assist you further.

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