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I have a question, I bought an puppy online through They

Customer Question

Hi, I have a question, I bought an puppy online through They call themself the pomcityhome. They said I could put a $500 deposit for a puppy, and if I change my mind they could refund my money immediately. I have email proof they said that. And after a while I changed my mind saying I don't want the puppy. They came up with bunch of excuses not return my deposit, and now they just ignored me completely. I feel that I been lied, is there something I can do to resolve this issue. Below are email they said to me about the deposit.
To Mary: you have nothing to worry regarding having your deposit back, Even if we ship our puppy to your home and latter you can't provide the puppy with love and care you can still contact us back and ship our puppy back to us and we shall return your money back. We don't want our puppies to suffer that is why we are not selling them expensive, we are only looking for a loving home for them and not someone that will pay lots of money and can't show our puppy love and care. so have nothing to worry if you change your mind latter we will return your money right away.
Above are email saying they can return my deposit even when I changed my mind after doing so, or they shipped the puppy to me.
Below is like they saying are whole new story.
I asked if I could get my deposit back and they said this
What do you mean? We have already paid for the transfer document and it has been issued already, And we used part of the money you sent to pay for the transfer document and the bill of sales document, We have been turning down offers for the puppy saying that the puppy has been sold already, If you want us to cancel the transaction that means you want us to loose the moneys which we paid to get the documents.All papers shows that the puppy is yours now so let us know when you are ready for us to ship the puppy out. If we had not processed the transfer document already we would have been able to refund your money back, but we have already paid for your transfer document to be issued to your names, So getting a refund will not be possible. Hope you do understand.
Is there anyway I can get my money back. Please please help me.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Canada Law
Expert:  Debra replied 1 year ago.

I suggest that you send them a letter by registered mail. In the letter set out that they assured you that you could get a full refund of the deposit if you changed your mind, and tell them that you are enclosing a copy of the email for reference.

Give them a deadline for refunding your deposit in full and tell them if they fail to comply you will commence legal proceedings and then will be seeking the $500, interest, and your costs.

You can then sue them in Small Claims Court and self represent. If it gets that far and you find you need some help as you go through the process you can always post on this site again and I can assist you further.

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