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I would very much like your advice on the following

Customer Question

Good day I would very much like your advice on the following situation .
This problem has been going on for more than on year .
I put a New roof on my building 5years ago. There has never been any problems or leaks . Then during the Xmas holidays a year ago 2014 we had a leak . I then contacted another roofing company Arbutus Roofing to come and see the roof .
There report was as follows . The installation of the roof was well done, using good materials and the workmanship was good . They checked the entire roof checked all joins seams and still could not find were the water was getting in . They said the only thing that could have happened was someone being on the roof , like people seeing to the Airconditioning or someone cleaning of the roof could have dropped something sharp or stood on something sharp accidentally making a hole in the roof . This they said was impossible to find on 10,000sq ft . They then recommended that I replace the roof . This I did . It confused me as the roof was only 5 years old .
I contacted the RSA my Insurance . They sent over an Ajuster . He then sent a letter saying the roof failed due to age wear and tear combined with the long dry summers we have experienced in the Lower Mainland of BC. This is not true .
So now we have been back and forth with the Ajuster from Crawfords trying to resolve this . Now they do not answer my calls or do not return my calls . This is not acceptable and not good business . I have payed good money to the Insurance Company and now I cannot speak with their Ajuster .
What would be my options or what could you suggest on how to handle this situation .
Many Thanks.
Yours Graeme Teixeira.
Email ***@******.***
Address. 60 west 6th ave
Vancouver bc
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Canada Law
Expert:  Debra replied 1 year ago.

Insurance companies always try to get out of paying by claiming that regular wear and tear caused the damage. But, in this case that seems preposterous because not only is the roof only five years old but you had another expert conclude that the roof was in excellent shape.

I suggest that your next step be to retain a lawyer and pay the lawyer to send a letter to the insurance company demanding compensation and threatening a lawsuit.

You will no longer be ignored and it is likely that you will be provided with a settlement. You can then pay the lawyer a small fee to negotiate a better settlement if you are not being offered full compensation for paying for the new roof in full.

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