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In May of this year we brought my wifes mother over from

Customer Question May of this year we brought my wifes mother over from England to live with us as there was no one left in England to look after her...prior to doing this we phoned immigration to ask guidance, they replied " just bring her over and when you are here apply for a permanent residence card ", which we did in July, only to be told that there was a quota for such cards, and unfortunately that quota had been reached !!"....trouble is, my wifes mother is 95 years old and has mobility issues which are getting worse and will soon require her being placed in a Nursing Home, which we now have been informed will require her to have an OHIP card, which we cannot get because we do not have the requisite permanent residence card....this really is a serious issue, bordering on an emergency, can you please help us ? I said, she is 95 years old.
Thanks for what you can do.
Ian & Janice Samuel
Picton - Ontario.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Canada Law
Expert:  Debra replied 2 years ago.

She is not going to get her PR status anytime soon and there is no chance that she will get OHIP either. She is not entitled to publicly funded health care. She needs to be a permanent resident and then live in Ontario for at least three months after that. You cannot expect for her to get coverage as that is simply impossible.

I hope she has private insurance from the UK that will cover her health care.

She will be eligible for nursing homes where you can pay the fees or she can but there just will not be funding for her at all.

You should not have been told to bring her over as that was not correct and you now see it. If you or she cannot afford her care here then the best approach is to take her back to England unfortunately.

I don't think anyone else would have answered you as this is what we call a bad news answer but you need to know the truth and at once so I took a chance and answered. Please don't shoot the messenger.