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I received a letter, purportedly from Publ9sher's Cleadring

Customer Question

I received a letter, purportedly from Publ9sher's Cleadring House [PCH] informing me I have won the grand prize of $US 1.600.000.oo, roughly $CN 2,000,000.00. A cheque was enclosed in the amount of $CDN 12, 648.56 to cover stating the following: " You are required by the international Sweepstakes by law to pay towards taxes and processing fees". Being very wary of scams, I took the cheque to a local bank where they said they thought it was legitimate but put a hold on in for five [5] business days, which is this coming Friday. The "representatives" have been pushing me to pay $CDN 7,751.00 prior to UPS delivering or me picking up the cheque at the UPS office in Mississauga, ON. This would leave a balance of $CDN 4,897.56, which I expect is for the aforementioned out of pocket expenses. Does this sound legitimate to you, in your experience? Thank-you for any information you can provide.
Art Stanfield
Bobcaygeon, ON.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Canada Law
Expert:  Debra replied 2 years ago.

I am very sorry to tell you but this is 100% not legitimate. No only do we hear questions just like this on the site weekly, but at no time ever would anyone be required to pay any funds up front if the person won a lottery. Rather, at all times, without exception, any money owing would come off the lottery funds and would not come from the person who won.

I suggest that you absolutely do not pay them one cent, because you will never get the money back and they are professionals who will never be caught.