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Ihave power of attorney parents in all areas and I am an

Customer Question

Ihave power of attorney for both parents in all areas and I am an only child. Mother has dementia and is 91. Father has dementia and is 93. Despite all the help that they receive to stay in their home, safety is now an issue. Now, 2 days before my dad is to go into a beautiful veterans long-term care facility, my father says he won't go. I can't force him because he still has power of consent. I have spent the last 8 yrs. dealing with difficult parents. I am 68 and I am having physical problems due to stress. To make matters worse my parents live 40 minutes away and they constantly fight with one another. Mother hits my dad and phones me often saying that I have to get him out of the house because he's driving her crazy. Yet she has decided at the last minute to support my dad saying she doesn't want him to go. At this point I need to withdraw a lot of my hands on support for my parents. I feel that I have enabled them to think they are doing just fine. I would keep paying their bills and would deal with household caregivers if needed. Mother can order her groceries and they have meals on wheels. My question is, "Can I be held responsible for mishaps in my parents home? I would like to be able to go on vacations. In short, I want to cut some of the ties."
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Canada Law
Expert:  Debra replied 1 year ago.

Are you saying you have a POA for finances only?

Are your parents mentally competent?

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