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Macleod 6:36 PM (12 hours ago) to contactus an open letter

Customer Question

john macleod
6:36 PM (12 hours ago)
to contactus
an open letter to BCAA:
We are seriously considering taking legal action against your company and you should know why:
We have used BCAA for 40+ years, however, I would have a seriously difficult time referring a friend to you. Our friends, in Canada, the USA and Mexico are all appalled by the way we were treated by you.
We shared some food on Sunday and in the early morning on Monday we were very ill...this continued until Wednesday morning . We, at that point, asked the hotel (Rosy at Posada de Roger) to contact a doctor for us (Doctor Enrique Hernandez Lara --Basilio Badillo # ***** 3702--whose bills we have never submitted). He came to visit us in the afternoon and again the same evening. He came back the next day and said "You need to go to emergency--you are really ill!!!!|) So we suggested CMQ hospital because it was the closest...but our doctor had alread phoned an internist and he personally drove us to Dr Aldo Curiel, who was in his office in Colonia Versailles.....Dr Curiel sent us directly to Hospital Medasist . Dr Lara drove us everywhere both to the specialist and the hospital.
Nobody, I guarantee you, comes to Puerto Vallarta to spend time in a hospital.
How dare your staff decide how sick we really were and threaten to override our doctors' decisions?
It is absolutely unethical to telephone a patient with the intention of bullying, speaking condescendingly and threatening a person who is told to avoid stress. Our doctor could not believe how badly this woman (I can't think of a polite word to refer to her other than this) treated John Meanwell.
John was reduced to tears with his Mexican doctor by the woman who was so upsetting him so much that she was virtually (in our opinion) trying to cause further problems. John was fighting a spike in blood pressure and an uncontrollable heart beat rate. We feel that this woman should never again be allow to work in a public capacity unless, of course that is why you hired her. How on earth could this be misconstrued as anything to his benefit? In short John Meanwell was treated as a MAJOR inconvenience....and she implied that it was somehow our fault that we ended up in the hospital.
Between the two of us we have 60+ years in the customer service industry....and neither of us would have treated anyone this way--let a alone a sick patient,.....and especially one with a heart problem.
Quotes from your agent:
"If you think that I (when did the personal pronoun enter into this?) am going to spend $20k-30k on a medivac jet to get you home, I expect your to take it and not change your mind".
We were reluctant to take a commercial airline to Canada in case John Meanwell had problems mid flight and had to land in the USA ....where we had no insurance. She played on this a great deal. This is what she insisted on.
"You think about this overnight and talk to John about what you want to do...I will phone you in the morning"----guess what!!!! no phone call....which left John Macleod scrambling to find a hotel room....this is summer vacation for Mexicans and hotels are more than full.
"It has already cost us $30,000.00 for John Macleod (methinks she has trouble with basic mathematics or currency conversion---even the hospital thinks so). We had no idea of what to do....take our booked flight or stay in Mexico (where our doctors had advised us to remain to regain strength).
This was an absolutely intolerable position to put us in, when we were still ill. We simply didn't know what to do at this point.
Since you insisted that we get 2 different policies....because a party of 2 does not constitute a family to you.....then why was she breaching doctor-patient confidentiality by telling John Meanwell anything about me, John Macleod?
"We will have to move you to a cheaper hospital in Puerto Vallarta....even our doctors were astounded by this one....there is not a cheaper hospital....I call this bullying.
As I have said we have many years experience in customer service. I, John Macleod, worked for major airlines for 31 years in customer service and would never have treated anyone like this....much less a sick person.
I really don't think that you realize how much money this employee of yours has really cost you.I think she really thinks that she saved you money. How pathetic!
carbon copy:
vancouver sun
vancouver province
Dr ***** ***** Vancouver BC
Better Business Bureau
College of Physicians and Surgeons
Dr Curiel in Puerto Vallarta
Dr Lara Puerto Vallarat
Medasist hospital Puerto Vallara
***** *****...medical advisor for people in Puerto Vallarta
ex Canadian airlines employees
ex Pacific western airlines employees
Air Canada current employees
Air Canada pionairs (retirees)
Facebook and many friends
et al
---John Macleod and John Meanwell
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Canada Law
Expert:  Debra replied 2 years ago.

I don't understand that facts.

Are you saying you were denied appropriate medical treatment because the staff took over?

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
We were virtually terrorized by the woman from BCAA. She shared doctor patient confidentiality with another patient, and she continued to bully, talk down to, and through veiled threats made us leave the hospital before the doctor said we should. John Meanwell was having problems with his heart rate and blood pressure.....she seemed willing to push him over the edge, by upsetting us all the time...Even the hospital staff in Puerto Vallarta could not believe how she treated him.
Expert:  Debra replied 2 years ago.
What is the BCCA and why would you or anyone listen to her?
What would you like to see happen?

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