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D.A.M (interesting name) I am a canadian in the US with a legal

Customer Question

D.A.M (interesting name) I am a canadian in the US with a legal list longer than any one should have. I am currently in litigation with and ex employer/ex who abused/stalked and everything else under the sun in NY. My daughters father (in toronto)and this manic have recently found each other and have formed an aliance. I obtained an order of protection in Feb against this sociopath in NY tough as he threatened me before, he would contact my ex and use him against me if I ever fought him back, so as we are all in the same industry he secured an affidavit from my ex (who wants money from me) saying terrible things about me. My daughters father in Toronto has a judement against him for 158g's for money to took from my grand mother while we were together. Saying in this affidavit that I am a terrible person citing all things untrue and that I extorted cash. Now my daughter is in the middle I CAN NOT go to Canada until this is all done. He has spread bad things thruought the industry about me harming me of any potential of having a business away from them. My daughters father recently return to court in toronto days before I appeared here to extend the O of P telling the judge a HUGE lie that he is un employed starving and living on the street with my daughter saying that because I am not paying him support he cannot pay the judgment to my grandmother .. We are in the helicopter industry and he flies NEWTON GLASSMAN as a now private pilot, off the records.. He told the courts in Toronto that I am in litigation here in the US, to go after me for the cash for my grandmother. I need to put him in his place and stop him from interfering in my life, my legal issues here which I HAVE NEVER EVER spoken of to him about in the 8 years are none of his business. My 13yr old girl has seen the phone number of the monster here in NY on her fathers phone. I do not and have never interfered in his personal life, this monster here has violated me in so many ways I need this to stop so I may focus on the real issues at hand and keep my daughter out of this. There is NO reason for him to be involved and harm me anymore or my grandmother his daughters great grandmother. I assume I need a Toronto lawyer to write this??
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Canada Law
Expert:  Debra replied 2 years ago.
The lawyer you requested doesn't appear to be answering you.
Do you want me to step in and if so are you asking about how to find a lawyer in Toronto to write a letter to this man?