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Does a designated drivers service need any license to run?

Customer Question

Does a designated drivers service need any license to run? Is there any laws that a dd services has to follow ty
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Canada Law
Expert:  Law Maven replied 2 years ago.
Hello – my name is***** am an Ontario lawyer, and I’ll be happy to help with your question today. I may need further information from you to fully answer your question, but I will take a start at answering and let you know as I go along what other facts I would need to know to give a clearer or more complete answer..There is currently no specific legislation dealing with designated driver services in Ontario, but if you have been following the news regarding the Uber service, it is clear that just because there is no specific legislation does not mean that other legal problems might not exist..Some issues will depend on whether your drivers will be using your vehicles (in which case the laws regarding limousine services and taxi cabs would apply), their own vehicles (this would be like Uber, and open to whatever legislation eventually gets made to regulate Uber), or the vehicles of the clients (in which case the most important part would be ensuring that your designated drivers have a suitable driver's license, insurance, criminal records check, etc.).Depending on where in Ontario, you would also need to look at the possibility of your drivers needing to cross the border into a different province or into the US. Those would both raise other legal issues.Finally, legislation regarding taxi cabs, limousines, and other "conveyance services" (anybody who drives other people for money), is done on a city by city basis in the city by-laws. So depending on what municipality or municipalities you would be wanting to serve, you would need to look at the by-laws and see if they have anything to say about the kind of service you want to offer..So the short answers to your questions are that:no, there is no specific license, butyes, there are almost certainly laws that you would have to follow.And if you want more information you would need to be more specific about the type of service and location you intend to run it in..I hope I have fully answered your question, but please do not hesitate to ask for more information if needed. When you are satisfied with the answer, kindly provide me a positive rating so I can receive credit for my answer.My answer here contains only general legal information and not legal advice. No solicitor/client relationship has been created by this communication.

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