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I am looking lawyer (preferably Canadian, BC) who can

Customer Question

Hello. I am looking lawyer (preferably Canadian, BC) who can help create an email I am about to send to my previous lawyer. I was advised by 2 other lawyers to go to the Law Society of BC and file an complaint about him, but I think I will send an email to my old Lawyer and give him a chance to make things right before doing so.

Could anyone proof read my draft email and convert it into something that a lawyer would understand. (As you can see I am not happy about paying his inflated bill)

I prefer to pay an online Lawyer as I do not feel comfortable asking a real (brick and mortar) to get involved with this nasty type of business involving legal fees and BC Law society. It does not need to be a legal document or to be signed by a lawyer, but I want it to look like it was written by a lawyer. Thanks

email start...................

Hi xxx

I believe that the legal fees that you have charged me are not in line with the amount of work that you did for me.

Could you please send me a detailed time record and explanation of your fees. I a have paid 50,000 for your time even though you were unable to progress produce any noticeable results as regard the litigation/settlement offer.

I gave you many simple instructions that you resisted for unknown reasons and you spent more time arguing with me than you did for me. You generally got upset with any instructions that were given. I do not feel like you treated me fairly.

I believe the reason that your fee is so high is because you spent most of your efforts arguing with me.

When I asked you if I could use a Junior Lawyer you told me that it would be a waste of time to bring a junior lawyer up to date. You mentioned that your own typing is very slow. I do not feel that I should have to pay $500/ hour to you for your slow typing.

This was a pretty easy settlement case and majority of the work was already done. My previous lawyer had the other team defeated and now that I have switched to another lawyer everything is going smooth again. The damage caused by your months of stalling and turtle necking my case was repaired withing one week by my new lawyer.

I also can not understand how the other sides lawyer who charges a much more higher hourly rate than you only charged his client around 15k during the same settlement phase while you somehow managed to charge me almost 60k during the same period even though the majority of the documents were prepared by the other side.

As you well know I have plenty of money and I paid your inflated bill without question at the time (What other choice did I have?), but I do not feel that you are entitled to the money that you claim to have worked for. I do not feel like you acted professionally and I do not feel you treated my fairly.

So before I go to the Registrar to ask for an audit of your bill, I am giving you a chance to revise you bill to more accurately represent the amount of work done. Hopefully you are able to correct your invoicing errors and pay me back the amount that was overcharged to me.

Thank you

email end ...........................

Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Canada Law

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