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There is someone involved in public health mental health

Customer Question

There is someone involved in public health mental health services that I find to be everything but health. My nearest relativevhas signed off as sub decision maker authority given and also participant co-decision maker/analyst with my ex-boyfriend who,
from a psyche point of view put both "heads" of his into me and my life, sorry so vulgar, now is putting his head as Member/leader of team acting against my consent. I made a personal directive to this that was rejected by mental health persons to have my
friend Rep my interests. She was rejected and refused information "at the gate". I tried a restraining order against my sister and do not have the proof required available to me for weeks. I want to be a free person but the appeal has yet to occur due to omission,
blocking who is the Doctor(s) persons acting against my will. (Omission causing harm, family violence states omissions causing harm to self and pregnancy. Sister thinks "sick mom's have sick babies" as far as the poison prescription goes. I know preventing
risk of the drug cat. C is to refuse it. It is toxic for natural feeding baby too.Baby will show the extra paridal symptoms afflicting physiology and crucial body system development incl endocrine. This drug is experimental in human trials and wrong,wrong,
wrong. How, while treated hostile fashion for saying no to this and secondary choices, no means no, not negotiate to other toxin, do I have my husband protect our baby for us stopping the actions urgently? Power of attorney is difficult as husband and I have
been caused so much duress that he only has a small viewpoint of all of the actions I have been subjected to. It will take some time for both to have the full files on this. the services gave me non-normal situations and a "lay Person" is isolating to tell
when it is that outside the everyday. Disbelief makes it so. The need is to have baby protected by husband and await the truth to come out to set relationship on course where the trajectory is sideways from up or down. This next move is crucial. Baby is dosed
4 of 9 months, intentionally. When I said no, the dose increased for doing that was strongly disliked by the persons of the status quo, with bias through community extension team of foothills hospital in Calgary, ab as I see it to be.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Canada Law
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
CET operates from southport 1 location, and Sheldon chumps in my zone. Can I view this chart incl. Non severed version legal help? How does my lawyer get this expedited to him so I can cause acreages panel to release me from this treatment and all psych services? Thosecare the things I am working on based on adaIr_e.pdf sourced from google search community extension team Alberta phase three (the whole doctor is important eye view of actions against me, a reasonable person subjected to unreasonable duress compounds by the invisible prison of these ppl taking away autonomy everywhere I exist especially home and vehicle since shock injection refused to be acknowledged by loved ones occurred last fall in a weak attempt to keep her confused while causing harm, apparently unspeakable harm as it is still unacknowledged), all this for having said no and been ignored and dosing increased for saying no for baby and me. That is what I am working at. Where is this initial question at?
Expert:  Debra replied 2 years ago.
This post is very hard to follow. Before I start asking questions can you let me know whether I've helped you before or not because some of this sounds very familiar to me?