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Category: Canada Law
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Is ther a law against neigboors always making complaints and

Customer Question

Is ther a law against neigboors always making complaints and calling police for no reason, other than she wants be a pain? Please help me figure this out
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Canada Law
Expert:  Copperlaw replied 2 years ago.
Good evening, if she is making false claims to the police, then you could have her charged criminally with public mischief for making false reports. If she is just making any excuse to complain and it's more of a frivolous nature, then this is no doubt harassing and you could commence an action against her civilly for harassment and interfering with your peaceable enjoyment of your property. Through the civil courts, you could obtain compensation for her actions as well as a court order for her to cease her calls to police and the general harassment. If she rents her property, her actions could constitute grounds for eviction for interference with other residents. This is something that you would have to take up with the landlord and you would have to keep documenting all incidents and obtain police report numbers whenever possible. It sounds like this individual may have some serious mental health issues, which could explain her behaviour. Does she have any family that you are aware of? Would it be possible to speak with that family to raise your concerns for her welfare? If she does suffer with mental health issues, it may be possible that addressing this issue through family and doctors could help resolve it if she were medicated. I have seen similar behaviours in people suffering from mental illnesses. I know all too well that it's easy to say just ignore it, but it's practically impossible to do when it interferes with your life the way it is. I am happy to continue discussing this with you and look forward to hearing back from you. Jim
Expert:  Copperlaw replied 2 years ago.
Good evening, Please let me know if you require anything further at all as I would be happy to continue chatting with you. If not, then please advise me whether we can close the question so it no longer remains open for either of us in our question list. Also, please take a moment to leave me a positive rating as this helps me to build my reputation here on the site. Warm RegardsJim