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Last week I hired some movers to move the 1/3 of my

Customer Question

Hello, last week I hired some movers to move the 1/3 of my contents that could not be moved on teh original moving day . they c;aimed they were bonded , could work on short notice etc. When it was time for them to drive to the new place they expected to be paid in full and gave me an invoice over twice what I had been quoted including 20% insurance charge which was to ensure my property did not arrive broken. I refused to pay it. I said they would have to come back the next day after I had worked this out with their boss. They drove off bur unknown to me came back and threw all my belongings into dumpsters.There my property sat for a day and on the second day it was all picked up and taken away by garbage trucks. The superintendent of the building knew that they had dumped my property and she knew that I did not know. In investigating officer asked her why she never told me that my property was in teh dumpster. She said she did not have to - I was no longer a tenant there.
The movers aside (they have pulled this with at least 6 other people's moves in the same week, do I have any case against teh management of my old building for saying nothing to me about the property being in the garbage and letting it be taken away to the dump. To replace the lost property would cost about $24,000.00.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Canada Law
Expert:  Debra replied 2 years ago.
Yes I would say it would make sense to sue the landlord as well as the movers. She essentially allowed this to happen. The items were dumped it the landlord's dumpster and the landlord's agent allowed it and then allowed your items to be thrown out. I believe a court would find both the movers and the landlord through the landlord's agent both contributed to the damages.