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Law Maven
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What are my options if I was accused of being a pedophile

Customer Question

What are my options if I was accused of being a pedophile falsely?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Canada Law
Expert:  Law Maven replied 2 years ago.
Hello – my name is***** am a Canadian lawyer, and I’ll be happy to help with your question today. I will need more information to answer this question. When you say accused, is this a criminal matter? Have charges been laid? Or is another person making false statements (libel or slander) against you? In other words, your options will depend in part on whether you're dealing with police, an employer, or someone else in the community. Options will also depend on what you want to accomplish: stay out of jail, get someone to stop saying something, or get reparations for damage to your reputation or job advancement. Let me know, and I'll be happy to help with your question. My comments here contain only general legal information and not legal advice. No solicitor/client relationship has been created by this communication.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
It was slander he was intoxicated and was on some sort of anger rage I don't know if He said it to anyone other than anyone within earshot.
I don't understand his rant I really don't know the gentleman I helped him and his wife move they were homeless so I and his sister decided to have them stay with us.
We have only begun a relationship together.
I know they have had substance abuse issues in the past , but I also will not tolerate my reputation or life be destroyed by a false accusation
Expert:  Law Maven replied 2 years ago.
That's a difficult situation, as even if he agrees (while sober) not to repeat the accusation, next time he's intoxicated all bets are off. In many ways this is not a legal problem, it's a social problem. I mean, you could threaten to sue, or you could actually sue him and ask the court for an Order prohibiting him from repeating the false accusation. But if he's homeless and prone to intoxication, chances are that even if you won the suit he would not have any money to pay, and no matter what the court Ordered him to do, he would likely forget the next time he was sufficiently intoxicated. You can try talking to him and his wife, and making it clear that you don't appreciate that sort of comment, and that a consequence of him continuing to make such statements would mean that you'd no longer let them stay with you. Probably a good idea to talk to his sister before you do that, she would be likely to know whether he's the sort of guy who would take a request like that as proof that he had gotten under your skin, and would then go out of his way to continue to repeat it. If he is, then ignoring it and hoping he forgets when he sobers up might be a better solution. The only other thing you might consider, is that if you work with children, you should probably talk to your employer and make it clear that the guy spreading rumours is not reliable, and just has a personal beef with you when he's intoxicated. Ideally warning an employer in advance will make it less likely that they will over-react if the rumour reaches their ears. I hope I have fully answered your question, but please do not hesitate to ask for more information if needed. When you are satisfied with the answer, kindly provide me a positive rating so I can receive credit for my answer. My answer here contains only general legal information and not legal advice. No solicitor/client relationship has been created by this communication.Sorry that this answer likely isn't what you wanted to hear, but some problems just don't have legal solutions. If the slander ever results in damage to your reputation, or financial damage such as trouble at work, the legal system will provide a remedy, but it's not very good at handling issues proactively.

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