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I went to renew my son's passport yesterday as well

Customer Question

Hello, I went to renew my son's passport yesterday as well as mine. While I was waiting in line, I realized that I had not entered my son's birth certificate info on the back and my mother's address. So I filled it out. Then I realized that my husband had only signed the 1st side of the passport, but not the 2nd side where he was entered as the guarantor. I stupidly thought I should sign for him (copy the signature from the 1st page) so as to get the paperwork done. Once at the counter, the clerk told me my request could be processed, but that my son's pictures also needed to be signed by the guarantor. Darn! So I got my passport done and then called my husband to see if he would be available at lunch to sign the pictures. I had a few minutes between meetings, so I drove to his office and he met me in the car to sign the pictures. Since we have been married 18 years and I often do payments or arruns for him, it didn't even come to my mind to take a new passport form and have him resign both sections to bring back a fully completed form. I have never forged his signature before (I don't even open his mail) when I accept packages for him, I sign my own name on the line where his name appears. I just didn't think much of it at the time, I mean, we are married, it's our son and both our names are ***** ***** birth certificate. Once at the counter again, the lady that was processing the passport found that the signatures on the pictures didn't match the 2 on the form (even though I only signed 1 myself). She asked me when and where the pictures had been signed. I answered honestly 'in the car at lunch'. She then asked me to write a description of where and when the pictures had been signed and the form. I suddenly started to get nervous and wondered if telling the truth would get me in deep trouble, so I wrote that the passport form was filled over the 2-day weekend at home (which was true, except the forgotten signature and few infos) and that the photos were done today at lunch in the car. They tried calling my husband at work and he was unavailable. They later got a hold of him and asked that he go at the passport office to fill out a description form as well. I filled out the form and then asked him to sign, so he didn't remember exactly where he was standing when he signed or how many times he signed in the form. He did remember signing the photos as they had just been signed earlier at lunch. I had told him in the car that I had signed for him on the 2nd side of the passport form and he wasn't sure it was o.k. to do so, but found my signature to resemble his own when I showed him. Like I said, we never thought of just starting a new paper request it just seemed fine. But now, the passport office seems suspicious of something and they want me to have my son's pictures redone because there was a shadow under his chin. I am nervous about what may happen when I bring in the photos. I don't mind having the passport denied and having to redo all the steps. We are not planning a trip anytime soon.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Canada Law
Expert:  Debra replied 2 years ago.
You can be charged with forgery and not that you lied with fraud as well. But if this is the only time this has happened and there has been no harm caused by you then it may be that you can get off with a warning. It may be best for you both to go in together to reapply for the passport so they will see that you both agree that you son should have a passport and that no harm was intended by you in case there is something on your file.