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I am a Canad***** *****ving outside of Canada. I am interested

Customer Question

I am a Canad***** *****ving outside of Canada.
I am interested in crowdfunding a plane ticket to get 10 Canadians in my country to get back to Canada in order to vote in the next elections. We would get to canada and then start a "get out the vote" campaign, supporting one of the candidates.
We would work completely independantly.
My worry is:
1. Will such crowdfunding be construed as bribing someone to vote for a certain candidate?
2. I will work independantly as I said, with no party connections, but will I still be seen as a party activist for the law? will all the limitations on donations to political campaigns apply to me?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Canada Law
Expert:  Tom B. replied 2 years ago.
HiOnly Canadians can make a financial contribution to a political party. But you are Canadians and are not making contributions. All you intend is to get Canadians back to Canada. All Canadians have a right to enter Canada and all Canadians have a right to vote and the right of free speech. All Canadians have a right to support a political party or candidate. Really all you are asking to do is to raise money for airfare home to participate!Good on you!Nothing illegal on your facts. You have a RIGHT along with your friends to come home and do whatever you want to do. You do not even have to be afraid of supporting a party or candidate. Canada is your country. You have a right to come home and work for anyone you chose in the democratic process. You do not have to hide anything. Raise the money for your tickets home and then work for anyone you wish. Do not fear.Sincerely,Tom
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

The question is a little less clear I think. because the crowdfunding campaign will be, lets say:

"Donate to help bring Canadians back to Canada to vote for Stephen Harper"


""Donate to help bring Canadians back to Canada to vote for Justin Trudeau"


Also, part of the pitch is that when in Canada the people will help convince others to vote for Harper/Trudeau/Mulclair

Its still not considered part of the campaign? Again - all private money that will go through my private account. But you are sure I am in no way influenced by election and campaign financing laws as long as it is done privately?

Expert:  Tom B. replied 2 years ago.
The Elections Act has no restrictions over how a Canadian gets home to vote. Once home, Canadians can campaign as they see fit. Having said that, this place is only for general legal information and is not a substitute for hiring a lawyer and getting a formal legal opinion. On what you have said, I see no violation of the Elections Act. Tom