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Can I ask that this is blocked after we discuss. thanks.

Customer Question

Hi, Can I ask that this is blocked after we discuss. thanks. My question is about shareholder meeting.. I have recently become a shareholder Wwe just had a meeting with our company lawyer on what will be involved in making a USA and we are all contemplating that. This is a private company. My father died and now four kids are the shareholders. Right off there is some difficulty because my sister insists that her husband who is not a shareholder, be in the meetings and part of decisions. My understanding and what I am stating is that only the four shareholders should be in meeting and make decisions THAT if she wants to discuss his opinion outside the meeting that is her prerogative. But he does not belong in the meeting. He is a vice president of the company, but again there are other vps who are not husbands and not sharelholders. Am I right on this? Or do we have to meet and come up with the rules for meeting. ?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Canada Law
Expert:  Tom B. replied 2 years ago.
HelloThis is an open forum about general legal issues. All you say can be seen on the internet. So be careful about personal information.The rules already set for Director and Shareholder meetings exist in the agreements made and by statute. That is why I asked where the company is so i can look. Having said that, who is allowed at a meeting is different that who can vote. You can decide who can attend a meeting and whether they have a voice. But only under the law and constitution of the company dictates who can vote.A VP is an officer of the company but cannot vote unless also a shareholder. You can decide to hear from anyone but only shareholders vote at a meeting of shareholders. It sounds complicated. Am I close?Tom

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