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Jeremie John Martin
Jeremie John Martin, Lawyer
Category: Canada Law
Satisfied Customers: 894
Experience:  I'm a bilingual attorney for the province of Quebec who goes to Court often for many clients.
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Can I bring a lawyer from my home province in to defend me

Customer Question

Can I bring a lawyer from my home province in to defend me against a moving violation infraction in another province ?
ie: Can an Ontario lawyer represent me in Quebec ? - I know the answer is no..
Is this the case throughout Canada ?
Or is Quebec unique ?
In any case, I need a highly motivated attack lawyer to represent me in Quebec City.
134 km in a 100km zone
3 pts (=4 pts in conversion) and $147 fine.
Prosecutor is only offering a plea bargain of 129 km which reduces me to 3 Ontario points.
This is totally unacceptable.
I was targeted as an out-of-towner. I was targeted for being english.
I need a lawyer who is willing to deal with these aspects
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Canada Law
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I currently have a lawyer on retainer in Que. City - I am dissatisfied with her results mentioned above. I want an "attack" lawyer to vigorously defend me
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I have no issue with any fines imposed but I request the points be absolved
Expert:  Jeremie John Martin replied 2 years ago.
Hi ,
I'm a Quebec lawyer .
Notwithstanding your choice of lawyer , without motives a defense no lawyer will be able to acquit you of this accusation , in order for you to have no points to convert .
If you could show a proof to the pursuit that 3 points in Ontario made you lose tor license , it could be possible for the pursuit to reduce the points a little more or delay their effect , but even that would be difficult .
Do you have a defense against the speeding those accusations are almost impossible to beat in all Canadian jurisdictions .
Quebec is a civil law system which requires that only Quebec bar lawyers can represent you In court .
I hope my answer sends you In the right direction .
I'd be glad to answer follow up questions , if and when we are done , please do not forget to kindly accept my answer so the portion of the funds you already paid that go to the expert will be released .
Best regards ,
Jeremie ***** *****
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
My defence is as follows:
- I was in a long line of "speeding" vehicles all doing the flow of traffic. Why Me ?
- I was targeted (by virtue of the english billboard on my rental van) as being from out of town.- I am highly suspicious that they are extra strict to outsiders and reasonably lenient to locals with respect to how they pursue and convict on any moving violations and wish to review both the officer's and the prosecutors history to evaluate.- I am concerned that my language rights as CDN citizen are being violated
(Officer spoke little english / ticket was 100% french - not bilingual / courts initial correspondence same / a request for any further correspondence was directed to be in my english language and ignored / this facet could easily go further)- The officer's reactions were questionable in pursuit (further details to be disclosed)- Officer's ticket had mistakes - mme instead of m and spelled my address wrong.I am certain that he will not be able to accurately identify me at random and I do not think the court will offer me that opportunity.In further reference:- In my home province of Ont in 2012 I was charged with 89 km in a 60 km zone (29 km over speed limit)
and my quality lawyer quickly absolved me of any liability, so I know full well there is wiggle room- My friend made an illegal left turn on a green light (thinking it was an advanced but was not),
got charged for "stunt driving" and faced a $10,000 fine with 6 demerit points.
Upon arraignment, the prosecutor willingly offered a $85 fine and 2 points....Yet this prosecutor won't budge ?
Yeah, no. I smell corruption !I am being railroaded here and I need an attack lawyer.One who will question the authenticity of the radar detector - when was it last calibrated ?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Can you please comment on my defence and recommend an aggressive lawyer ?
Expert:  Jeremie John Martin replied 2 years ago.
Please don't shoot the messenger, but your motives of defense have no chances of success whatsoever, any aggressive attorney who would say otherwise is just after your money.
What you could do is ask the transmission of the proof in order to verify when the radar was calibrated, likely it will be inscribed as being verified on the same day.
Arguments based on the language of the ticket were rejected by the Supreme Court some time ago as you can ask fore the translation of the ticket.
Your best option would be to stall the procedures in order to negotiate a reduction of points or even by miracle get an acquittal.
Please note we cannot refer lawyers through this site.
Please accept my answer in consideration of the time spent with you.
Best regards,
Jeremie ***** *****

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