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I need advise from someone that knows US and Canadian laws

Customer Question

long story short. I had a small business in Canada that I had to close. I owed one supplier around $1300 at time of closing. He was being very threatening and absuvise so I pretty much said screw you since the debt was so small. The supplier is located in Las Vegas. About 6 months later he tried to sue me in small claims court for just over $3000. I was never served with papers to attend court. Only with ones advising if I did not pay he would sue. At this point I was going to pay but thought that he was being totally unreasonable at the new amount. We did all of the correspondence via efile. I advised him that I had never seen proof to owing such money and obviously would not be travelling to the United states to attend small claims court. I heard nothing from the court or the anything until today. I received a letter from a local collection agency advising I now owe $4800. My question if a judgement had been issued againt me would I not receive some sort of registered letter? Can they sell the debt to a local collector? And can this local collector report it to my credit bureau? Or can they even collectt? Any insight would be appreciated. I'm not sure how to tackle this one now. Thanks
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Canada Law
Expert:  Debra replied 2 years ago.
I don't know the law in the US. I can either answer about the law in Ontario or else I can move this to the US law list.A lawyer there can answer about the law in the US only but not about the law in Canada.