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Filing a complaint against a car dealer ship i purchased an

Customer Question

filing a complaint against a car dealer ship
i purchased an used certified 2012 hyundai sonata from a hyundai dealer for $16,000+hst
60k millage at he time of purchase.
about 2 weeks after the purchase i realized that there was an accident on the car, front bumper was painted so immediately i head back to the dealer to talk to them about the problem they told me my sales man had an accident and his leg is broken and his not here but he'll be back in few days.
2nd time i went there the gave me the same answer so i tried to talk to the manager when i told him about the problem he showed me a copy of contract and he told me that we already told you every thing about this car all the information is on the contract and you signed it.
i was shocked but part of his explanation was true there was my initial on the contract but the contract doesn't exactly say accident i have 2 police reports amount 0 on my contact but the didn't use word accident for it and i initialed it without noticing to it.
and he also said that they don't need to declare this king of problems on cars for customers and he kindly kicked me out from the dealership.
i took the car to a mechanic to check every thing whole the front end is changed with after market parts and also the repair on the car has been done as cheap as possible.
not a big damage on the back.
at the time of purchase i also purchased an extended warranty for 2year/40,000km witch cost me about $2000, so i didn't need to be worried until 140k that's what they told me because i also have factory warranty up to 100k and i also added life time rust protection for $1000.
about 1 week ago went to back to the dealer to fix some problems on the car for me it was the time to use the extended warranty because right now millage of my car is over 100k.... they told me i don't have any warranty and my extended warranty is expired on 100,500 so basically i paid $2000 for only 500km of warranty they started the additional warranty from 60,500 right when i bought the car to 100,500 again i asked them to fix this problem they said ok but every day i call them to get update the say that they still couldn't do it and i need to wait also now i have some rust on my trunk lid last week i showed it to them they took some pictures from it to sent it to i dont know how and they called me few days ago to say that they don't cover it !
so over all i lost $3000 on additional items and a lot more on the car because of the accidents now this car doesn't worth more than $9000 and i still owe $19000 on it
in my opinion this is a fraud and basically they ripped me off on this deal
so how can i sue them or at least get some of the money back like the additional items that i never had and i paid for them ? and if so how much is it gonna cost me and what should i do to start this process.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Canada Law
Expert:  Debra replied 2 years ago.
What province is this?When you say you want to complain you mean sue don't you?How much would you sue for?

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