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My Matter curtails wrongful dismissal: On Nov.7, 1980. I Had

Customer Question

My Matter curtails wrongful dismissal: On Nov.7, 1980. I Had Pre-Meditated Physical Assault with Solitary unlawful confinement on the former owned Teck-Cominco owned Bethlehem Copper, On June 23,1982 I was wrongfully fired from my job for chronic Absenteeism,after the offence I had witnesses who are now deceased but there is a paper trail of fault by Cominco who became the successor of this assault, they admitted responsibility with my wcb claim submission letter dated Dec. 23, 1997.Valley copper was the new name in 1986. they merged with Lornex Mining Corporation and formed Highland Valley Copper, the Union United steelworkers 7619 and District 3, in Burnaby,bc refuse to represent me in this matter, In 1988, I was diagnosed by an M.S.W. of having PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, had I not been fired I would now have 34 years at Highland Valley Copper ,also apparently my work record from Bethlehem Copper are in Highland Valley coppers files as I have a copy of it and it came from HVC, The bc Gov. Has deemed me as a Person with Disabilities under Prov. Gov. legislation, I"M Now planning to sue Teck Resources along with HVC and now U.S.W. district 3, and local 7619 U.S.W. im filing this case under rsb chap.236 Statute of Limitations act, Part 7 Person Under a Disability, which state where at the time a cause of action arises and a person is under a disability under this part, the running of time fixed by a time limitation period fixed by this act is postponed as long as that person is under disability, Im also indigent of paying court costs in bc because of my PWD designation, What I need is an Industrial Labour Lawyer tto represent me on this matter do you have any suggestions. I told the company lawfirm Fasken and Martineau Dumoulin in Vancouverbc if Teck screws around I will sue them not for just for all my wage loss over collective agreement betwee Local 7619 Union with HVC but also my holiday pay my company pension, and Mental anguish and Pain and suffering to the tune of Millions because no body claimed any responsibility for ruining my life I told Teck if they want to F--- around I will sue One Million Dollars for every year I was off the Job there which is coming up 33 years this summer. any suggestions for a lawyer for me.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Canada Law
Expert:  Debra replied 2 years ago.
Are you asking how to find a lawyer in BC or asking if someone on this site can act for you?We cannot act for you nor can we provide specific referrals but I can suggest a couple of good ways of finding a lawyer in BC if you would like.

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