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My name is***** am a canadian citizen I have situation

Customer Question

Hi my name is***** am a canadian citizen I have situation that created after I have changed my name from Tamer to James for a better chance in a better mix with society but every time i have to travel to Toronto airport since i have changed my name I had to go to a place where i will be subjected to interrogation and more than 10 policeman all around me armed first they take my passport they go with it for at least 2 hours and start asking silly and stupid question with disrespect to any human will take that trying to provoke me and then at any time trying to use lethal force with me and I am just civilian with all kind of threats to me and when i ask them what is this about they say nothing after all that they come with my passport with sorry or no sorry and that happend 4 times until now i have a wife and a child out side of the country i have to leave and come back a lot and later i knew after that i did my own investigation that this name that i have changed my name to there is a warrant from the usa citizen wanted and that warrant is on USA and United Kingdom and Canada airport so i am falling as a victim of a wanted not even Canadian name and the people they use are so stupid you can tell they are hardly finished high school and i am engineer in big firm it is no longer accepted to deal with this and they have the supervisor hiding some where in inside rooms so he will say i dont now i was not there when this happend ! So please what kind of lawyers that deals with this mater and what kind of advice you give me to solve this the supervisor in that place say you will have the same situation every time you come untill you correct this issue how and where to go and how to start? Thank you
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Canada Law
Expert:  Debra replied 2 years ago.
Are you saying that each time you fly in or out of Canada this happens and that each time the same supervisor has been involved?I want to get a better picture of the facts before answering.

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