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My children's paternal grandmother has just filed

Customer Question

My children's paternal grandmother has just filed for visitation with them. We go to court over their Grandparents Rights in mid June. We are an intact family who have had no willing contact with his family for four years now. It started after she neglected to take our daughter to emergency to have her arm reset (she suffered chronically from Nursemaid's Elbow, hyper-extending joints and a stretched out elbow tendon caused it to easily dislocate. This does not self set, it requires myself or a doctor to do so, something all care providers were well aware of) However his mother chose to transport her around town without a carseat buying toys and candy instead. Her arm was in incredible pain by the time I the mother returned, and because it had been dislocated so long she had no to limited use for days afterward. His mother denied any knowledge of this condition needing to be reset, and reflected blame onto us.
We took some time away to evaluate how to have a relationship with someone who makes bad judgment calls and then defends them. After several weeks we attempted to go for dinner. At the first and only chance his Mother whisked our daughter away to go to the bathroom, but they took entirely too long, and then our 3 year old came bounding out to us on a mission and announced "I want to sleep here tonight!" .. she had obviously been coached. We felt so betrayed that his mother couldn't be happy with a visit without manipulating our daughter we left and haven't been back.
This is when she went a off and started really stalking my daughter and I. It was an intense two years with stalking behaviour at least once a week but often more then that. I can give you details but it's such a huge amount between hiding in the lobby outside of preschool, to sneaking into the lunchroom during Grade 1. Anything to lay eyes on the child and be seen basically. The latest 2 years have been much less intense, but frequent enough that we can never relax. Any contact she has with our daughter is filled with guilt and manipulation to make sure she feels badly for his mother.
How much chance does she possibly have in securing access to our two girls? Our oldest is 7 and our youngest who she's never met is 2. We're renovating our house to sell, my partner just started a job in B.C 10 hours away from our home in Alberta. We obviously don't have a lot of funds for court, but yet it's still less than a month away.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Canada Law
Expert:  Debra replied 2 years ago.
I am sorry to hear all this but I am not sure what the question is.

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