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Lived peacefully in our home years. Never had issues

Customer Question

lived peacefully in our home for 10 years. Never had issues with neighbours.Couple of years back new neighbours moved in next door, very friendly. They would come and visit our new one point having one of our puppies was an option for them, but husband had allergies and decided that a poodle would be best. Christmas 2013, the woman next door asked my wife if she knew anything about Paris Poodles. She said she had no personal experience , but told her what she had heard. she had purchased a black standard poodle from them. Problems began to occur. Our dogs have never had a dog living next door and they began to bark at the fence if the new dog next door was in the garden. We saw that this could be an issue so began restricting times our dogs were let out. Usually, while my wife being home, they always had free access to the yard via Alas on September 19th 2014, because the fence was in need of repair, mainly through damage caused by the previous owners children climbing on the fence to reach plums from our plum tree, the dogs managed to push through to the next door garden. One of our dogs stole the next doors dog pigs ear and they all ran back through to us. My wife was shocked when “all hell broke out” with the lady neighbour. she was raging because she had only purchased the ear that morning. My wife could not reason with the lady, the rage shown over something so insignificant as a pigs ear. My wife, whilst taken a back tried to stand her ground and attempted to defuse and told her we were planning to move.That evening when I returned home from work I called our neighbours to apologize for the fence, but there was no-one home. The fence was still open so I made a repair to ensure that there would be no repeat. This,had to be done from the neighbours side. Next morning the husband from next door came to us. His demeanour was both menacing and threatening towards me, standing very close to and towering over me. We had a house guest staying here at the time who witnessed everything from start to finish. Again he was told that we planned to move. With the exchange over, the neighbour proceeded to nail gun the fence panel that with very long nails, significantly larger than would be required to effect a fix which left more than 2" of nail exposed our side of the fence. Our dogs or grandchildren could have been seriously hurt
We put our house was on the market for nearly 4 months, but with no serious offers of purchase and finally took the house off the market,The morning after the house for sale sign was dismantled, my wife let the dogs out into the back yard for a pee, while she was standing on our back deck watching them. The lady next door was also on her deck and began to scream abuse at here. Stating “When are you moving? You had better still be moving. I have already written my complaint letters, and I am sending them tomorrow. You had better answer me. If you are not going to move then you are going to regret it… I will make your life hell!!! “you are nothing but the scum of the earth and you will pay dearly for that!!! This barrage of abuse lasted for the time it took for my wife to walk down the stairs across our back yard and bring the dogs back into the house. My wife completely ignored her. Did not say a word. They had all been in the house for about 5 minutes, when one of the dogs ran to the front window. My wife followed behind wondering what was happening outside. To her shock, there was the lady from next door, with her dog by her side attempting to video and or photograph my dog at the window barking. When she saw me, she started hurling more abuse. She waved her clipboard at me. We found out later from our other next door neighbours that she was going from door to door in an effort to get a petition up against us . At this point when she was screaming her dog was clearly very distressed by what was happening because he was barking and cowering at the same time. She was so angry that she was jumping up and down on my front garden. (Subsequently, to avoid a repetition of this unpleasant experience I applied frosting to our windows at the front of the house to ensure that this cannot be repeated. It makes us feel like we are prisoners in our own home as we are unable to see out, but by now we were feeling violated, spied upon and harassed). Again all we could do was ignore her rantings, because to defend or respond would in my opinion have tipped her over the edge to some kind of violence, and I did not want that, under any circumstances. The next thing that we knew was as a result of her complaints we were contacted by the local Pitt Meadows Bylaw Enforcement Officer and we arranged a meeting a week later with her. As a result of that very constructive meeting we engaged dog trainers at her recommendation. At this point in time the neighbours appeared to be away from their home for approx. 4 or 5 days. Their dog, to all intent and purposes appeared to have been left alone at h
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Canada Law
Expert:  Debra replied 2 years ago.
Your post got cut off. Please complete it.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
As a result of that constructive meeting we engaged dog trainers at her recommendation. At this point in time the neighbours appeared to be away from their home for approx. 4 or 5 days. Their dog, to all intent and purposes appeared to have been left alone at home, with we presume, an occasional visitor to feed the dog. On 29th April whilst our trainers were at our home the next door dog was howling. At that point they did not know what problems we had been having with our neighbours, and they heard the dog next door howling. They were disturbed by this and pointed out immediately that this dog clearly was very distressed, and that it was the distinct howl of canine separation anxiety. They suggested to report the dogs noise to the BC SPCA, because it was unfair for the dog to be howling like that. The situation with the neighbour was explained to them and that whilst we had no wish to see harm come to their dog, we did not want to do anything to inflame the situation. On the 1st May the dog howled on and off all day and this is not the first time that the dog has been left alone, if they are away. My wife is a poor sleeper and often is disturbed and gets up in the middle of the night and put the light on in the bathroom, the dog would be howling incessantly. This had also happened on the 30th April when the dog was howling on and off all night until 10.40am the next morning.On Sunday, 17th May, my wife was really pleased that both families were able to be in the garden all day without problems. The training was beginning to work, but low and behold yesterday the 20th May, our dogs were playing with each other in the garden, my wife watching from the back deck. They were playing for approximately 3 or 4 minutes, when once again, a barrage of verbal abuse came hurtling from the lady next door who was in her garden. Screaming “that I had better get the dogs to shut up or else!” My wife walked down calmly and brought the dogs into the house. This incident happened at approximately 9.45 am. By that evening we were contacted again by the City stating that there had been another complaint against our dogs. I/we have spoken with the City about this and also written to the City to re-confirm the action plan we had agreed with them re training and the complaining neighbour. At the time of our initial meeting with the City in April we explained all the details leading up to this and about the “nails in the fence” and the Bylaw Officer, Debi Hooks, asked if we had reported the incident to the police. We said that we had not, once again because had not wished to escalate the difficulties. She said that in her opinion it should be reported so that it was at least on file and recorded. Reluctantly this we are now doing (copy photographs attached).We keep ourselves to ourselves, and have no wish to engage with our neighbours, this clearly does not work for them, least ways it did until the for sale sign was removed. Disputes and disagreements with neighbours are it appears more prevalent in life today and in most cases they are trivial in nature and not worthy of police involvement, but… we have come to feel that we are being subjected to orchestrated bullying, threats and intimidation by someone with a clear objective to drive us out of our home. This feels like harassment and is totally unacceptable behaviour.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Please could you advise on course of action. We do have a by law issue, because I have 5 dogs and the city stipulates three. The by law officer is aware of this and is now trying to bring pressure. can I register them in another city and have them visit me frequently?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
The two dogs who are not registered are very old and quite infirm. Does City hall ever take into consideration mitigating circumstances?
Expert:  Debra replied 2 years ago.
There are too many questions on this one post.Do you want me to answer about the neighbour issue?I cannot also answer about the number of dogs that you can have
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
yes the neighbour issue would be fine
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
apologies, just needed to write it all down
Expert:  Debra replied 2 years ago.
I understand.The neighbour is harassing you and your wife. She is on some sort of emotionally unbalanced mission to get back at you for the lost of the pig ear! She is out of control and likely also regrets buying her own dogs. I suggest you have a lawyer send her a letter demanding that she cease and desist and threatening a lawsuit for damages and for a restraining order. I also suggest you keep a log of all the instances of harassment and then report this to the police and ask that they at least warn her if not charge her with harassment and also ask them about a restraining order.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
thank you so much
Expert:  Debra replied 2 years ago.
You are very welcome.