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My name is ***** ***** From Kirkland Lake Ont

Customer Question

Hi my name is ***** ***** From Kirkland Lake Ontario , Canada, Up till yesterday I have been a Mental Patient at the Temiskaming Mental health, Addiction program. I have been registered there since 2010 Center up till 2015-05-06 I was dropped as a patient . Now here is were the story starts . I was reifered to a worker by the name or Uhrise He was my worker Then I was riefered To ***** Who in 2002 dinose me as Bypolar & was treated with Lithyum for 4 years for Bypolar Then 2014 my worker Uhrise passed away Easter weekend 2014 I was to get a replacement work immideatly but did 'nt get one till 8 mohths later and in that laps of time Hughes Richard know longer kept in touch with me. I had falling threw the cracks of the system. 8 mhts. latter I recived a later from a Tracy Morin saying that this was my last worning and if I did 'nt repliy the case was going to be dropped . I was in shock as this is the first time I ever heard of this person , so I called her left message on her voice mail , then I called her Supper Visor Ryan Peters got his voice mail left Ryan to please call & out of the blue Tracy call all apolagetick and was sorry the letter got sent it it wasn't ment to be sent out as she never even meat me.Once I started seeing tracy every second week with my wife thing's seem to be going great Then Tracy Directed me to a MD Henry , witch I had a conceltatiom witch my wife & Tracy attended Were Dr Henry Dignoise my as ADHD At the same time I was put on Affexcer for Depression withch I did not want to go on because I was informed By Henry it was a bad pill to go on and be taking off, it was to replace My Pristque , because i'm on Trillium To help cover my meds. & Pristque was not covered so that was the reason foe putting me on the Affexcer even though it would increase my blood pressure witch I already have, that was the reason for me not wanting to go on it.^ weeks ago I attempt suiside was put on life support , once recovered I was sent to Timminns Mental insatution under suaside watch for one nine then put into my own room.for3 days while in Timmins I was treated for depression & anciaty was feeling better then releaced to return home. Once home I arrange for a visit to see Tracy on my own , at that time Tracy informed me that my wife was know longer to attend my appointments , that I was the patient and we were going to concentrate on me and get me better this was on May 7, 2015 . May 9th I had an appointment to see MD Henry In New Likeard Ontario , She in formed me that she know longer wanted to see me & that that she did'nt see any reason for me to continue seeing Tract that I was waisting Tracy's time So here I am with know care from the Mental Health Organization I feel I've be let down once again .
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Canada Law
Expert:  Debra replied 2 years ago.
I am sorry to hear this.Do you have a family doctor who can make a referral to a psychiatrist for you?

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