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I dont know why i cannot send you questions anymore. i will

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I dont know why i cannot send you questions anymore. i will just write this one more time. on the paper i got from the police, in section/act line, it says 334(b) c.c and i searched it and it says i might be considered to be jailed upto 2 yrs. i dont have to get a lawyer for this? i am just worried.
The site is not working well.

Can you quickly remind me of the facts?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Okay. shoplifting twice in sephora. first time, just let me go but second time, called the police. police gave me two papers and one for “under taking given to an officer in charge“ and second paper is “promise to appear“ and on this paper says section 334(b) c.c. and i searched it and it means i might be considered to be jailed upto 2 yrs. first time going to court because first time the sephora just let me go without calling police. but this second time they called the police. the police said i might need legal aid or lawyer. do i need to?

No you don't.

This is a first charge and it was for $80 worth of makeup.

There is no chance of your going to jail.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Oh..okay thank you..i guess i am stressed out. also, usually they ask me to take shoplifting course and charity? do you know usually how much they cost? doesnt have to be accurate..just around?

If you have no money you will likely have to do some community service.

The course will be free.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

And also u recommended me to ask for duty counsel do i do that right inthe beginning? or before i actually enter the court room? i never been in courst so i dont know how it works. do i ask for duty counsel rigjt before? and i have a time to tell all stories to the duty counsel?can u explain what is going to happen on that day please?

You go to court early and you ask where duty counsel is.

Duty counsel could be in his/her office.

Or duty counsel could be in the courtroom.

Duty counsel will speak to the Crown and duty counsel will tell you exactly what to do.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

So if i ask there is always a duty counsel? and do i tell him/her to talk for me?

There is always duty counsel.

Just say what your name is XXXXX XXXXX your charge is and duty counsel will take it from there.
Customer: replied 3 years ago. the duty counsel will take it no matter what?

Yes for sure.
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