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My husband and I want to buy a condo in Romania and share the

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My husband and I want to buy a condo in Romania and share the ownership with a Romanian national. What paper work is required to do this from a Canadian aspect of things?
What are your concerns in terms of Canadian law?

For example, is this concern about taxes?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

My concern is taxes for one but also we want to make sure that we have ownership rights in case of any problems that come up with the condo in the future, i.e selling the property down the road, any decisions that need to be made regarding the condo.....


The owner/builder of the condo offered a great price if the property was purchased immediately so we decided that it would be quicker and much easier if our Romanian friend bought the property under his name now and then we could add our names to the ownership later.

But the law of Canada really cannot be relied in this case. The owner is not in Canada and either is the property. So you need a contract that reflects the law and is enforceable where the property is. And you really need to retain a lawyer in that jurisdiction to do a contract for you.
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