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Copperlaw, Lawyer
Category: Canada Law
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I have a felony conviction from 1999 for filing a false loan

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I have a felony conviction from 1999 for filing a false loan application. I am an orthopedic surgeon who flies all over the world doing volunteer surgery and have never had an issue with any country including England South Africa and Australia
Thank you
Paul Baxt MD

Copperlaw : Hi
Copperlaw : What is your question Paul? Are you wanting to know if you are eligible to get into Canada?
Customer: Yes
Copperlaw : Also, when was your sentence, probation etc, completed?
Copperlaw : I look forward to hearing from you and chatting further
Copperlaw : Sorry, I see you've logged in
Copperlaw : What was your sentence?
Customer: I spent 13 months in a prison camp all my involment with the justice system was completed in 2000
Copperlaw : Thanks. Give me a second
Copperlaw : Sorry for the delay
Copperlaw : Just confirming the equivalent charge here in canada
Customer: I was getting a loan and I took real asserts that I had and inflated the value of some of them
Copperlaw : The closest offense here would be uttering a forged document, the CIC (Immigration Canada) may also liken it to fraud
Copperlaw : You have a couple of options available to you
Copperlaw : One would be an application for "deemed rehabilitation" where you have only one conviction and more than 10 years have passed since sentence
Copperlaw : This works in your case from what you describe
Copperlaw : The other is an application for rehabilitation which is more involved than the deemed rehabilitation process as it can be applied for after only 5 years from completion of sentence, but there is a more rigorous and thorough screening
Copperlaw : Given that it's been more than 10 years, you would apply for deemed rehabilitation
Customer: I am supposed to fly to Toronto 9/18 what should I do where would I apply for deemed rehab can't I just tell them this at customs and bring the papers that confirms everything I just said
Copperlaw : YOu could bring it with you, however you run the risk of being turned away. It is possible however, under Canada's immigration law to receive a TRP or Temporary Resident Permit which would allow you entry on that occasion for entry for a specific purpose (visit family, vacation, etc)
Copperlaw : They can do this at the point of entry, however the Border Agents do have the final say at that point whether they want to allow you in.
Copperlaw : If you have been granted deemed rehab or full rehab status, then you can't be turned away.
Customer: Okay I wouldn't fly there with the risk that I would be put on a plane and sent bak
Copperlaw : Even if you have not received approval on your application at the time you travel, it would still be beneficial to have an application in the works
Copperlaw : Here is a link to the CIC site on deemed rehabilitation
Copperlaw :
Copperlaw : It contains full instructions and explanation and links to the application
Customer: Thanks if they want to make such a hassle I have many other countries that I can go to to live for a year, it's their loss of the money I would have spent.
Customer: thank you for your help
Copperlaw : If you live close to a border crossing, it can be done there, otherwise, it can be sent to a Canadian Visa location. This is in the application package
Copperlaw : Yes, I understand completely. It can be frustrating, especially when you make one mistake and live a proper life both before and after
Copperlaw : The risk of being turned away would keep me from traveling too
Copperlaw : You should complete the application and send it off. If they grant it, then you know you're good. They can't turn you away for your past conviction if they've granted you rehabilitated status
Copperlaw : Please let me know if you need anything further. I'm happy to continue chatting or answer further questions whether it's tomorrow, next week or a month from noe
Copperlaw : Now
Copperlaw : This question will remain in your "my questions" area for you to return whenever you like
Copperlaw : Also, a positive rating is greatly appreciated if you were to be so kind
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